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Barcelona and Madrid help

My favorite hidden gems in Madrid:




… and my ever favorite: Sacha

Mar 22, 2015
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Craft beer in Spain?

Feb 27, 2015
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Madrid on a Sunday - what's open?

Cornucopia on Calle Navas de Tolosa 9 (nearby Gran Vía). Open daily and they speak English.

Oct 20, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Memorable meal in late November, anywhere in Europe?

In addition to its superb cuisine, Akelarre has impressive panoramic views on the sea.

Oct 08, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

What's opened this week in Madrid that an old Franco-Yankee guy will find as good food, not minding decor and location?

I understood "franco" as a synonym for "french". BTW, "franco" meant french in ancient Spanish language.

Sep 23, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Tapas in Northern and Western Spain

Every time I visit a Spanish city, one of the first things I do is look for its tapas bars. Naturally, it is impossible to have a thorough understanding of all, but I like to take some notes for future trips.
* PAMPLONA. La Estafeta and Chez Evaristo on Calle Estafeta, Baserri on Calle San Nicolás, El Gaucho on Calle Espoz y Mina.
* LEÓN. The tapas area is named Barrio Húmedo (Wet Quarter), can imagine the reason for its name. El Garbanzo Negro on Calle Castañones, Rebote and Latino on Plaza de San Martín.
* BURGOS. Two tapas streets: Sombrerería and San Lorenzo. El Morito, Mesón Burgos and Froilán on Sombrerería. La Comidilla de San Lorenzp and Casa Pancho on San Lorenzo.
* SEGOVIA. Tapa for free with your drink at José (Plaza Mayor) and El Sitio (Calle Infanta Isabel).
* ÁVILA. Bar Crisol a.k.a. Los Cuernos on Calle San Miguel, El Buen Yantar on Calle Vallespín, near Plaza del Mercado Chico.
* SALAMANCA. Casa Paca on Calle San Pablo, Bambú on Calle del Prior, Plaza 23 on Plaza Mayor.
* TOLEDO. Alfileritos 24 on Calle Alfileritos, La Abadía on Plaza San Nicolás, Ludeña on Plaza de la Magdalena.
* CUENCA. La Bodeguilla de Basilio on Calle del Agua, Mesón José and Fidel on Cuesta de San Francisco.

Sep 18, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Tapas in Northern and Western Spain

There are LOTS of bars open every night.

Sep 18, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Tapas in Northern and Western Spain

It is very easy for Logroño: Laurel street. My favorites: champiñón at Bar El Soriano, tío Agus at Bar Lorenzo, solomillo at Bar Donosti, matrimonio at Bar Blanco y Negro, orejitas (lamb ears in batter) at El Perchas…

Sep 18, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Best place for suckling lamb & pig and paella in Barcelona/Madrid/Sevilla/Granada?

Tapas in Madrid:

Sep 17, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Monday in Madrid

Sep 12, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Recs for last minute trip to Spain? Stops in Madrid, Barcelona, Seville and San Sebastian

Tapas crawls in Madrid:

Sep 09, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Trip Report in Photos: Madrid

El Gran Barril is the first name that comes to my mind whether it is to enjoy seafood in Madrid.

Sep 08, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Places to sample a range of good ciders in Asturias as well as a Cider House for Sunday lunch

As an introduction to cider in Oviedo, I would recommend Gascona Street (central Oviedo). It is better for a cider crawl than for a lunch or dinner there.
My recommendation for lunch is El Raitán on Plaza Trascorrales.

Sep 05, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Must eats near Atocha in Madrid? Plus dinner help.

My recommendation for Calle Argumosa is "O Pazo de Lugo".

Sep 05, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

tapas/dining after midnight in Madrid

Viavélez is an excellent choice not far from the Santiago Bernabéu stadium. Open on Saturday evening til 1:00 am.

Sep 05, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

What's opened this week in Madrid that an old Franco-Yankee guy will find as good food, not minding decor and location?

I'm thinking of two recent experiences in Madrid; both pleasant and both different.
Cuisine from northern Spain: La Maruca.
Cuisine from southern Spain: Surtopía

Sep 04, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

4 lunches in Madrid in mid-Sept; interesting food, 100-120 E a couple (w. wine)

The hottest spots in summer 2014 are:

DiverXo by David Muñoz (3 Michelin stars), a must at new venue: Calle Padré Damián 23, NH Eurobuilding Hotel

Lakasa by César Martín

DSTAgE by Diego Guerrero (2 Michelin stars
) http://www.gastroeconomy.com/2014/06/...

Arriba by Ramón Freixa (2 Michelin stars) at Platea Madrid, new trendy food court.

Aug 05, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Barcelona and Madrid Honeymoon

El Gran Barril (Madrid) offers a first class shellfish in a place with a nice modern decor that is bar and restaurant. Although seafood is never cheap price does not reach the excellent but pricey O'Pazo. El Gran Barril also has good fish: pixín (monkfish) and merluza (hake); good Iberian ham, seafood rice (for two people) and meat (sirloin). Under € 100 pp

Jul 26, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Family Meal in Madrid

I also love Sacha. Do not miss the "ostras escabechadas" (pickled oysters).

Jul 23, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Family Meal in Madrid

Thinking of a family meal and regional cuisine with a twist, I'd consider the acclaimed Cañadío, a restaurant from Santander that has opened a branch in Madrid.

Jul 22, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

DiverXO moves to new location

On 22 July, DiverXO opens in its new location in the Hotel NH Eurobuilding. Anyway, there will be just one week working before closing for vacation during the month of August. The urgency is required by Michelin, that to keep the stars in the 2015 guide requires that the new address is consolidated before close of editing.

Jul 19, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Best cochinillo/suckling pig in Madrid?

The real specialty of Aranda de Duero is the lechazo (lamb) although the roast suckling pig is usually also excellent. My recommendation is:

Jul 16, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Traveling through Spain this summer

Brief tips for Madrid
* Michelin-starred restaurant other than DiverXo, and open in August: Kabuki Wellington.

* Nice restaurant open in August: Viridiana. Eccentric chef Abraham García does one's own thing.

* Tapas for foodies: tour # 1.

Jul 09, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Diego Guerrero opens a new restaurant in Madrid

Diego Guerrero is the former chef of Club Allard. His project DSTAgE (Days to Amaze Smell Taste Grow & Enjoy) is a restaurant with no open menu, with two tasting menus to choose from, working with 10 dishes at a price of 88 euros or the other option with 13 dishes working for 118 euros.
DSTAgE is a restaurant with a new concept: open kitchen, Diego Guerrero will be teaching cooking classes with some of his fellow chefs.
Web under construction:

Promo video:

Jul 01, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Trip Advice Pls! Madrid, Logrono, San Sebastian, Barcelona.... Mugaritz, Akelarre

< Eating locally on Cava Baja where we are staying - any recs? >

Julián de Tolosa for steaks.

La Posada de la Villa for 'cordero asado' (roast lamb) and classic Spanish dishes.

Do a tapas crawl on your own (see tour # 12):

Jun 08, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

NYC Spanish-speaking foodies looking for Madrid, Seville recs

Assorted suggestions for Madrid.
Classic Basque cuisine: Taberna Gaztelupe

Andalusian cuisine: Surtopía

Shellfish: O'Pazo

Authentic paella by a Valencian chef (open for lunch only): Que Si Quieres Arroz Catalina

Cuisine of Madrid: Casa Alberto

May 24, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Best cochinillo/suckling pig in Madrid?

Head to El Senador on Plaza de la Marina Española (nearby Plaza de Oriente)

May 19, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Akelarre, Arzak, Martin B, Mugaritz

Azurmendi, a newbie amongst The World's 50 Best Restaurants 2014

Apr 28, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Help me narrow down the Madrid list

Restaurants. From your list I'd pick three assorted experiences:
* O Pazo. An unforgettable seafood experience.
* DiverXO, well-deserved 3 Michelin stars.
* Sacha is a bistro which never goes wrong, its pickled oysters, its marrowbone with sauce…

Tapas bars:
* Either Laredo or Catapa, both in the same area.
* Puerta 57, Barra Cibeles. Excellent for classic tapas.
* La Venencia for sherry tasting.

Self-guided tapas tours:

Apr 19, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal

Madrid, BCN & Granada - recs for non-foodies (but still good local food)

Self guided tapas tours in Madrid

Apr 02, 2014
JuanDoe in Spain/Portugal