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Favorite Food Network Chef

Ina Garten is the only FN show I can stomach because she doesn't have cutesy gimmicks, her non-food prep (e.g. table settings) is simple and understated, and her food is simple and quality ingredient driven.

There are too many horrible food shows on that network but the worst are tied between Sandra Lee and that peroxided sunburnt loudmouth. Neither have food knowledge that goes much deeper than their hair dye and both have the most obnoxious sets that mirror their personalities beautifully.

No Asian Food Network Chefs....why not?

It will only be a matter of time until they get themselves another cookie cutter "big personality" loud mouth who tells stories and smiles nicely into the camera while stirring together pre-cut ingredients that real chefs prepped behind the scenes. Who happens to be Asian.

Mexico One Plate at a Time

Do not feel bad. Lanie's chirpy persona comes across as entirely plastic and acted. Rick's creepy slow talking presentation is off putting enough, but that alone does not deter me from watching what is otherwise a well-produced and extremely informative show on the fascinating variety of Mexican food. It's Lanie's uber-creepy flirtatious delivery of her lines when she's on screen with her father that makes me turn the channel.

With the Pepins, there is at least a genuine rapport between them. When Claudine makes a mistake, Jacques corrects her in a good natured way and she takes it with a sense of humor. And she doesn't seem like she's reading lines after snorting a line and trying to seduce her dad.