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Decent Greek resto in Montreal with options for a vegan

We are big fans of Rumi, and haven't been to Damas, but love Kaza Maza, which is also Syrian and I think might be affiliated? We took her Mom to Kaza Maza last time and she enjoyed it.

In any case, we wanted to try out the Greek thing because her parents aren't huge into heavily spiced stuff (which rules out a lot of our favourite vegan-friendly "ethnic" cuisines) and they have an affinity with Greek. They live in the burbs of Vancouver so our local Chinese and Japanese mainstays aren't too interesting for them, whereas Greek is a real treat. I don't think they're big on pizza and pasta. I think Philinos and Namos both look like good options.

However, suggestions of good non-Greek, Montrealish, semi-nice, bistro-y places that would satisfy some west-coast suburban parents that aren't completely vegan-prohibitive are also appreciated. It's a tough city for vegans. Nora Grey was surprisingly vegan/veggie friendly. They had a vegan main when we went, which was super surprising to me, and it was quite good (a lentil meatball). It's rare to find a place in Montreal where one party can order stuffed rabbit loin and the other a vegan meatball.

Anyways, thanks again! It's appreciated.

Decent Greek resto in Montreal with options for a vegan

Thanks for these suggestions, guys! These seem like decent options to be sure.

Keep em coming!

Decent Greek resto in Montreal with options for a vegan

I generally don't eggspect pasta at restaurants to contain eggs unless they make their own pasta, or specify egg noodles on the menu. But that's one of the things we generally don't ask a lot of questions about ;)

Decent Greek resto in Montreal with options for a vegan

Hey all,

I'm an omnivore and my girlfriend is vegan. My girlfriend's non-vegan parents are coming to town, and they love Greek food.

I'm wondering if anyone has any insights into decent Greek restaurants in Montreal that have a couple decent options for a vegan. She's not expecting seitan souvlaki or anything crazy, but a little something beyond bread and potatoes.

I know Greek food generally isn't the most vegan friendly of cuisines. But we're dreaming of a place where her parents and I can enjoy a quality Greek meal and she can eat something not shitty or purely carbs that is vegetable-based and satisfying. We live in Mile End where there are a lot of Greek places, but we'll happily leave the neighbourhood.

Oh yeah, and BYOB is preferred, but not necessary.

Is this an impossible mission? Or does anyone have any encouraging words of wisdom?

Conversely, tell me your fave Greek place and we'll peruse their menus for vegan-tunities.


Any recommendations for Thunder Bay??

Oh yeah, when I said "Eat Fresh," I actually meant The Growing Season. Eat Fresh is another newish place that I hear is good but didn't get a chance to try when I was last there.

I second Thai Kitchen!

And there is another pub opened just down the street from the Sovereign Room called the Foundry that sounds like it'll be interesting. Mad House is another decent pub with good food.

Any recommendations for Thunder Bay??

In my opinion, Thunder Bay's real culinary strengths are its diners. Thunder Bay Restaurant is my fave. Their Finn pancakes rival the Hoito's and the hostess Denise will sit with you, hug you, and possibly take your picture and email it to you after you leave. A real gem. McKellar Confectionery is famous for the old man who lines up 3 or 4 burgers on his forearm to ladle delicious orange-brown Coney sauce on them. If this blatant health-code violation doesn't dissuade you, the grub is transcendental.

The Hoito is quintessential for Finnish breakfast. The Finn pancakes are a must, but my favourite order is the Karjalan piirakka with egg salad with a side of fries with gravy. A Finnish/Northern Ontario mashup that makes this Thunder Bay ex-pat misty-eyed. It's a really interesting place with quite the history. Canada's oldest cooperatively-run restaurant (opened in 1918) originally to serve left-wing Finnish bushworkers.

For really good classed-up pub fare, check out the Sovereign Room (220 Red River Road). They cure their own bacon, bake all of their burger buns, and make their own ketchup etc. Totally legit. A real game-changer on the Thunder Bay culinary scene. Three words: duck confit poutine. Also, I live in Montreal and I don't know of a bar here that has a better imported beer selection than The Sov. And it's all very affordable. Can't speak positively enough about this place.

If you want something a bit fresher and healthier than the above-mentioned options, Bonobos is a good vegetarian takeout place with really great veggie burgers. Eat Fresh is a sort of hippie/fusion place that is also quite good.

Pizzeria Magpie

I have to say I was extremely impressed with my 3 visits to Magpie. And I do believe they now have a debit machine. Their prices are reasonable, especially their lunch special: split any pizza with a friend and get a drink and salad for 4 dollars each, which includes the option of a really good house iced tea or a very decent espresso, In the case of the Margarita, that equals only ten dollars per person, including tax. I guess odd numbered lunch groups are out of luck?

I'm not an expert. I've never been to Naples, and I've had a total of two "authentic" Neapolitan pies from pizzarias in Brooklyn, but I have to say that I am really really happy that Magpie opened in Mile End, and in my humble opinion they're filling the hipster-Neapolitan-revival niche with delicious results. I'm going back tomorrow.

Diners, drive-ins and dives

Thunder Bay, Ontario has many great dives, but McKellar Confectionery is absolutely singular. It's a family business with a very small menu (hamburgers, hot-dogs, milk shakes, no french fries to speak of). The old man who ostensibly founded the place handles the busy lunch rush by lining up multiple burgers or dogs on his forearm and ladling his trademark steaming-hot tangy meat sauce onto the lot of them. His arm is understandably a little on the burnt side. It sounds like a disgusting code violation, but the food is transcendental.

someone's photo of the menu: