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Brewing Shop in London?

Does anyone know of a brewing shop or a shop with brewing supplies in London? It's something I would expect there to be somewhere in this booze-obsessed city but if there is it doesn't seem to have any on-line presence, which isn't altogether surprising given my stereotype of the homebrew hobbyist! Unfair?
There's a few things I want to try out brewing, and although I could buy all the necessary stuff on-line, I really want to SEE the stuff I am getting into.

If you've got any knowledge, please pass it on!


Jun 27, 2010
matko in U.K./Ireland

Dinner recommendations in Padstow

You could try Rosel and Co. I've not been to this place but its on the Michelin "Rising Stars" list for 2010. It's just outside Padstow in a place called St Merryn, 5 minutes on the bus.

Jun 07, 2010
matko in U.K./Ireland

Mexican food stand - Elephant & Castle/London

would that be Parilladas del Sur?

Apr 29, 2010
matko in U.K./Ireland

Cornwall Eats

I lived in Padstow for a couple of summers and ate a pasty pretty much everyday! I discerned that the Chough bakery (pronounced "chuff", its a kind of bird apparently) is definitely the best. Its located right in the middle of town, next to the harbour in the old post office building. There's lots of blurb about pasties being "authentic" and truly Cornish and these guys really go for it. In fact the owners of the bakery claim that they are leading the county-wide campaign to discriminate between pastys that are made fresh on-the-day in Cornwall and other rubbish that is part-baked, frozen and then baked again and could come from anywhere. There other bakery produce is good too, and if you go in the morning you can get stuff left over from the day before for tuppence (actually £1), although its not so fresh, its still decent and much cheaper (this doesn't include pastys). Steak and stilton was my fave, but quite rich.

In the summer months there are long queues outside it, but that's the case anywhere in Padstow at that time. So, as a general principle don't let queues, long or short decide for you.

Ice cream: try Roskilly's, its in a really small, easily missable hole in the wall. But its also right on the harbour. Just look for it.

And also say "paarsty" with your best rural twang instead of "pasty" and the locals will love you for it.

Apr 11, 2010
matko in U.K./Ireland