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Difficultly of French Laundry Reservations?

I got my table for 2 at about 1-2 minutes before 1pm EST. I kept resubmitting my request to Open Table (use 7pm as the default time since OT searches 2 hours ahead and back) and all of the sudden at about 12:58/59pm EST a single table for 2 at 9pm materialized! I grabbed it and then also proceeded to try to connect with them via phone. After redialing furiously for 13 minutes (it's now 10:13am PST) and waiting on hold endlessly, I reached a reservationist. There were no tables of 2 to be had at any time for the evening I had booked.

Dinner with Families to Celebrate Engagement

I'm trying to select a restaurant for my fiance, his parents, his sister and my parents to have dinner at to celebrate our engagement. It's also really about the families being together and connecting.

Here's the criteria I'm looking to fulfill:

1. Not too loud (want conversation to be easily had)
2. Not too dark a room
3. Fun enough for us/his sister but appropriate for parents too (although they're pretty 'hip')
34 Unfussy food available (need some basics/accessible food)
5. Prefferably not a steakhouse
6. Not 'fancy' or earth shatteringly expensive

Thanks for your help!!

Mar 24, 2010
nyclioness in Manhattan