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4 Days in Amsterdam w/ food obsessed family

For really good pancakes and a nice excursion, definitely check out the Pannenkoeken Boot.
They have all you can eat pancakes with a toppings bar.

The best coffee in Amsterdam (according to a recent survey) is at De Koffie Salon on the Utrechtsestraat.
There is another location near the Overtoom, but I liked the atmosphere at the main one better. They also have nice croissants and nice looking chocolates from a beautiful shop across the street.

Mar 15, 2010
meppo in Europe

Banana Leaves in Baltimore?

Does anyone know where I can buy a bunch of banana leaves in Baltimore? I am doing a pit roast, Hawaiian style! (Corn husks/stalks would work too)

Baltimore Restaurant Week - Gertrude's

Put this out there: Don't bother with Gertrude's RW menu--it's terrible. For the appetizer we got the Gazpacho which was the only decent dish the whole mean and the salad which seemed pre-made, tasted watery and overall, was not good.
For the entree, we got the pork chop, which was extremely fatty and almost raw. I couldn't figure out how they cooked it, but all I know is that it wasn't in a pan. Microwave was not ruled out...
Also got the flounder, served with buttered rice and steamed vegetables. Isn't this a little too cafeteria for 30 bucks? The flounder itself was poached somehow--again microwave does not seem out of the realm of possibility.
The desserts didn't help. The mud cake wasn't bad, nor was it good. The clafoutis was bad. It tasted like a brick. It wasn't even sweet. Also, it was served as a piece of cake, instead of the traditional ramekin.

We are trying to get over having wasted 75 dollars on this meal and I urge you all to avoid making the same mistake.