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Where are the best places for tiradito in Lima, without going too upscale?

Peruvian market in Denver/Boulder?

Does anyone know of a market in the Denver/Boulder area that has a good selection of Peruvian food (especially produce, like rocotos)? I've been to Rancho Liborio and a few smaller Hispanic markets, but their emphasis seems to be on Mexican food. Thanks!

Jun 15, 2010
Yoyoy in Mountain States

Food delivery in San Diego

Beach Chick, that's so sweet! I think we're actually looking for something a little simpler -- basic but good deli sandwiches, or maybe some sweets to nibble on as relatives and friends filter in and out of the home, from a restaurant that delivers.

Thanks to both of you for your condolences.

Mar 23, 2010
Yoyoy in San Diego

Food delivery in San Diego

Hi all,

A family member in San Diego passed away, and I can't attend the funeral but would like to send a platter of food to the family's home in Poway. Can anyone recommend a place that would deliver a nice tray? From looking at Yelp, Urban Fresh Deli looks like it might be a good choice, but not sure if they deliver that far. Appreciate any help!

Urban Fresh Deli
8885 Rio San Diego Dr Ste 170, San Diego, CA 92108

Mar 23, 2010
Yoyoy in San Diego