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Best Hot and Sour Soup????

In regards to the restaurant Gormlaith was referring to, Shanghai Lily, the famous hot & sour soup is now available at Pho Ngon located at 643 Bloor Street W. My grandma, the one who made the recipe still visits every Friday to help out. If anyone can get a hold of the thread starter it would be greatly appreciated.


Jun 11, 2011
OnfiyA in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Replacement for Shanghai Hot & Sour Soup

Hey guys, I google'd Shanghai Lily and luckily I found this thread.

I'd like to mention a little bit about the H&S sour my grandma's been making for years since 1984 I believe, it is now available. Anyways, long story short Shanghai restaurant closed down but the family moved on and last year we began a new venture called "Pho Ngon". My grandma is still working part time and comes on Friday to marinate most of the food and create the famous Hot and Sour soup. Larry, my eldest uncle, moved to Montreal but the rest of the family remains here.

We just started re-making the soup today (June 10 2011) and we're going to put it with our menu. We are located at 643 Bloor Street W. If you guys decide to try the soup again please do come by. If someone could message or give a shout to MichaelR, Jane, and keane fan I'd gladly appreciated.


from a third generation Yu

Jun 11, 2011
OnfiyA in Ontario (inc. Toronto)