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My husband hates the smell of bacon frying...ideas for a substitute?

Try frying up some bologna. It's delicious, doesn't take very much time and doesn't smell up the place like bacon does. Cut the bologna in half before you fry it. I love this for breakfast!

May 14, 2011
showlett in Home Cooking

How do YOU cook chicken livers?

The BEST way to prepare chicken livers is to wrap them in bacon and grill them! Serve them with cocktail sauce! ( I know that cocktail sauce sounds weird)

Dec 18, 2007
showlett in Home Cooking

Going Solo to St. Louis- recommedations?

You don't say whether or not you have a car. If you don't, you are within walking distance to Washington Ave. You can head to the Dubliner for Irish pub food, Mosaic for small plates, Copia for American style and Red Moon for asian influenced cuisine. All of these places are good and you will be comfortable going alone.

Have a good visit.

St. Louis: where to get an egg cream

You can get an egg cream at Jennifer's Pharmacy in Clayton. They're delicious.

Downtown St. Louis Eats (on expense account)

There are many great restaurants in St. Louis! I don't know where you are staying downtown, but a few terrific choices are Red Moon (asian fusion) on St. Charles St., and Mosaic (american tapas), just off of Washington Ave. For a more eclectic and trendy vibe, head to Franco, which is next door to the Soulard Farmer's Market. If you would like a cozier, French feel, check out either Pomme (in Clayton on Central) or Chez Leon in the Central West End.

Sydney Street Cafe in Soulard and King Louie on Chouteau Ave. are both top notch. There are many other restaurants I can recommend...Modesto for truly spanish style tapas, Tratorria Marcella for Italian and Harvest for American cuisine.

Head over to either American Place or Monarch to max out your expense account. However, I think that the food is inconsistent for the hype. I hope this helps. Have a nice trip.

One night in St Louis

You are within cab distance to Mai Lee. It is great vietnamese. They have wonderful pho, (my favorite is #5) but the absolutely most delicious thing they serve is the whole fried catfish in fish sauce. Despite what you may think, this dish is not at all "fishy". The crispy catfish mixes beautifully with the salty, sweet fish sauce. I get that along with the red bean drink (red bean and coconut milk). It is located on Delmar and 170 (the Innerbelt, not I-70, the interstate) in a little strip.

Also nearby just east of 170 (the innerbelt again) on Olive in yet another strip mall is Da Palm Tree. Simply my favorite place for Jamacain food anywhere. The jerk chicken is outstanding, as are the meat patties, honey-jerk wings, codfish balls and stewed chicken. They make their own ginger beer (not beer at all, more like the best ginger juice you've ever had.) A caveat, though. The place is run by a very sweet man named Easton who is from Jamaica. He adopts a very laid back attitude about most everything, including the service. Don't go if you are in a hurry...It's a very casual place.

Have a nice trip.

Scharffenberger - Were the pessimists right?

I totally agree with you about Callebaut!! It is the single best milk chocolate I've ever had. In addition to eating it plain, it makes the most remarkable hot chocolate! I get it at Whole Foods here in St. Louis.

Apr 18, 2007
showlett in General Topics

St. Louis Candy Store

I think what you are talking about may bechocolate covered molassas puffs...many places have them. I believe you can buy the Merbs brand at Dierbergs. Good luck.

Apr 11, 2007
showlett in Great Plains

Trip to NCAA Tournament in St. Louis

I highly recommend Mosaic and Red Moon for your nice, not at all stuffy dinners. Try the Sidebar for your sports bar. I really, really don't like the food at Flannery's and avoid eating there. You also may like Tenth St. Italian on Tenth Street, as well as Sen (thai) which is right off of Washington Ave. The Dubliner is next to Mosaic and usually has live (Irish) bands on the weekends. I'm sure that the area will be hopping this weekend. Have a great time.

Broadway Oyster Bar-St. Louis

Good restaurant. On a night like this, ask to sit next to the fireplace. It is very casual. No dress code. They have oysters prepared many different ways. I like the gumbo and the red beans and rice. They have a combo plate with three different choices. Good for the first time. Have fun.

Brussels beware of La Quincaillerie!

I ate there in December and while the meal wasn't terrible, it wasn't fantastic, either. We had some amazing raw oysters. They tasted like the sea. Very briny. My BF didn't love them and was disappointed that they didn't come with cocktail sauce. I thought that cocktail sauce would have masked the flavor.

Otherwise, I had lamb chops. They were good.I wish that I would have remembered to write everything down. It was very expensive, and I can get better food here in St. Louis. But, the space is gorgeous. I really liked that area of Brussels.

Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas?

That's funny! I hope you have a good time, eggs or not!

Jan 11, 2007
showlett in Home Cooking

Vegetarian Breakfast Ideas?

How do you not eat eggs, but then eat items like bread and waffles and pancakes that have eggs in them?

Jan 10, 2007
showlett in Home Cooking

Best value eats in Amsterdam, Brussels, Bruges?

Do you know where I can find where the open air markets are located and what to eat when I get there? Thanks.

Can't find "sage sausage", need help!

I also like dried, rubbed sage for thanksgiving stuffing. I think it gives it a classic, homey flavor. I would go with 1 Tablespoon. Also, a tablespoon of poultry seasoning is good, too.

Nov 22, 2006
showlett in Home Cooking

Updates on St Louis?

I generally agree with you on everything except for Iron Barley. I may be the only one in town who thinks it is very overrated. Nevertheless, don't forget King Louie's. It's a hidden gem that doesn't get nearly enough attention.

chicken livers, gizzards, and hearts. Help!

My favorite way to prepare chicken livers is to wrap them in bacon, slip them on a skewer and grill them. Then, and this may sound like a strange combination, dip them in some homemade cocktail sauce! Fantastic!

Nov 01, 2006
showlett in Home Cooking

Help - I can never make a light and airy cake!

My point is this, Americans tend to prefer desserts that are sweeter and moister...The way that when you first give an outstanding bittersweet chocolate to someone who has only had Hershey's, they think that the bittersweet chocolate is not as good. I think that sometimes drier, less sweet desserts are an acquired taste.

Sep 27, 2006
showlett in Home Cooking

Help - I can never make a light and airy cake!

I know that cake should taste good by itself. What I meant was that, in addition to the cake mix, I mix in other ingredients...For example, I mix in real strawberries in syrup for strawberry cake. My recipe starts with a box white cake mix and goes from there.

My coconut cake starts with a box mix and I add sour cream, coconut, etc. Would you like my recipes so that you can do a blind taste test with your family? I would be happy to give them to you, and hear your findings. I guarantee that your perspective will change.

Sep 27, 2006
showlett in Home Cooking

Help - I can never make a light and airy cake!

I have another take on things. Home made cakes, and cakes made from scratch are typically denser and drier than what people have come to assume are the standard for cakes, which is a cake from a box mix.

I happen to think that your recipes and methods are just fine. I think that maybe you prefer cakes from box mixes. I don't say this as an insult, because, truth be told, I prefer the sweeter, moister results from cake mixes. I remember once in college, I just got my new Joy of Cooking and set out to make a buttermilk cake for my then boyfriend's father. I freaked out because it was dense and drier than I was used to. I know now that the cake was made correctly.

I will say that I don't prefer the flavor of a straight box mix. So, I have a bunch of recipes that call for cake mix and then you add your own extra ingredients. I've never tasted a better strawberry or coconut cake than mine, and they all start with a box...really. If you are interested, I'll send the recipes your way.

I do really love the Perfectly Chocolate Cake recipe from Hershey's for a great chocolate cake.

Americans like sweeter, moister desserts. I do not think this makes us unsophisticated. It is just a preference. If you don't believe me, check out some dessert cookbooks that have authentic european desserts in them. See what you think...

Need nice but kid-friendly meal near downtown St Louis

You should go to 10th Street Italian. It is very casual and the food is terrific. It is on 10th street, just off of Washington, within walking distance from the City Museum. You can stop for gelato on the way back. Have fun.

CSA- St. Louis area

I do mean a co-op farm...I'm sorry. I should have made that clearer.

Sep 14, 2006
showlett in Great Plains

CSA- St. Louis area

I would like to join a CSA for next spring/summer (2007). Does anyone have any CSA's that they really like or don't like? I don't know much about the choices here in this area (St. Louis, MO), so any help is appreciated!

Sep 14, 2006
showlett in Great Plains

Great short rib recipes?

I have a perfect recipe for you!! It is from Fine Cooking, and it is Asian Style Short Ribs! I have made it many times and it has always been a big hit! I substitute 1/2 teaspoon of five-spice powder for the star anise because I believe that it gives it a better flavor. I can't recommend this recipe enough.

Have fun!

Aug 24, 2006
showlett in Home Cooking

Saturday Night in Clayton, MO

Where I recommend you go in Clayton depends on what kind of restaurant/atmosphere you want. Here are some suggestions of the best spots, though. For tapas, head to Barcelona. They have an excellent selection and the food is top notch. It is a fun environment and a great place for some sangria. Try Remy's for a leisurly meal. Get the bread pudding with extra sauce! The food is great and the prices are affordable. I would say the Crossing for a very nice, elegant (and more expensive) meal.