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dineLA Restaurant Week - 2015 (Winter)

The dineLA Restaurant Week for early 2015 (January 19-February 1) is now available at With lunches at $15/20/25 and dinners at $30/40/50, it seems as if prices have increased, especially with dinners topping out at $50. Not all the menus are posted, but from a very quick glance, it doesn't seem as if diners will be getting much more value from the increased prices (and I recognize that others have questioned the value of previous dineLA pricings).

Dec 31, 2014
peterx in Los Angeles Area

Zam Zam in Culver City, what do you guys get here ? Is it a meat intensive joint, or veggies and na'an, and veggie curries and chutneys are their nom de guerre ??????

I totally agree; although, I've only been there once a while back.

I walk in and wait on a short line. There isn't much communication between the patrons ahead of me and the man behind the counter. It's my turn and the counter man says to me "You want the biryani." I say okay as there's no menu to select anything else. I pay and wait. Over the course of the next few minutes about 4-5 customers start getting their orders and everyone is getting the "mixed grill". I'm not certain why I was told to order the biryani. The biryani was okay, a bit spicy, and consisted of a bunch of stuff that I didn't recognize--but maybe that is what biryani is all about...

Feb 22, 2014
peterx in Los Angeles Area

MoKo (ex Gyenari) Culver City?

We went for "Happy Hour" at the bar a couple of weeks ago. Although, happy hour is somewhat of a misnomer as the food menu looked like a scaled-down version of the dinner menu (at the same prices). Anyhow, we really liked the food. We tried about five dishes and each one of them had a bunch of varying flavors mixed together, but in a good way. It reminded me the effort at Roy Choi's Cheego, but all the flavors work in concert (unlike Cheego which I feel is a big "mess"). We look forward to going back.

Jun 05, 2011
peterx in Los Angeles Area

LA to Tahoe Drive

We are driving from Los Angeles to Lake Tahoe (technically Squaw), any suggestions for chow-worthy places to stop for lunch (preferably at about the half way point or so) along the way?

Dec 24, 2010
peterx in California


How much MSG is in the food? I find that Kogi food (trucks and Cheego) typically is full of MSG.

Los Angeles, CA, Los Angeles, CA

Nov 09, 2010
peterx in Los Angeles Area

Eureka, California — help!

I recommended the halibut fish and chips. We frequently reminisce about how great the fish and chips were on our visit. Our chips were certainly not cold, so maybe your dish was the anamoly. On the other hand, our one time visit could have been the anamoly. So sorry!

Oct 18, 2010
peterx in California

Eureka, California — help!

Last summer we had lunch at the Lost Coast Brewery. The establishment is not fancy, but the halibut fish and chips were the best fish and chips we ever had.

Lost Coast Brewery & Cafe
617 4th St, Eureka, CA 95501

Oct 10, 2010
peterx in California

Thanksgiving dinner in Paso Robles

We've been to Artisan twice for Thanksgiving and they offered fried turkey. I recall it was offered to our kids and it was very lightly fried (and tasty!) such that you couldn't even tell (other than being told) it was fried. I'm not certain if it is only for children as the other offerings were spectacular. The menu for Thanksgiving is prix fixe.

Oct 09, 2010
peterx in California

Best Pretzels and Water Ice?

I'm going to Philadelphia this weekend. Last time we visited, we bought six from the Pretzel Factory (we should have purchased a dozen for a few pennies more). Where should we purchase a dozen pretzels this time? Also any suggestions on Water Ice would be much appreciated since it will be 90+ degrees!

Jun 28, 2010
peterx in Philadelphia

CHEGO Soft Opening - Roy Choi of Kogi BBQ opens Rice Bowl concept on Westside

We live in the neighborhood. We stumbled upon Chego during the soft opening and went there last night. We've tried about seven of their dishes and we are not fans. It's seems like a big "slop" of stuff thrown together with a tremendous amount of MSG. Prices are good and the concept is great. We really wanted to like it, but we didn't and we won't be going back for a while.

3300 Overland Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Apr 17, 2010
peterx in Los Angeles Area

The Curious Palate - Mar Vista

Unfortunately, the Curious Palate is no longer open for dinner. The dinner traffic was not sufficient to warrant staying open. It's a shame. They are going to try breakfast hours. I'm hoping they survive...

Feb 26, 2009
peterx in Los Angeles Area

Which Oahu Roy's

Forgive me if my question has previously been addressed. I searched--but couldn't really find any true comparisons. There are three Roy's on Oahu. Are they all basically the same or does one stand out?

Aug 13, 2008
peterx in Hawaii

Bar Pintxo

I went about a few months ago and I should have posted my thoughts at that time. It might have saved you a visit. Your sentiments are exactly the same feelings I had a few months ago.

Apr 26, 2008
peterx in Los Angeles Area

Back to Pinkberry: A Post-Snowberry-Cantaloop-CéFiore Review

I agree with much you say about Pinkberry. I enjoy it, but the stingy portions and bad attitude make me boycott them. There have been too many situations where I felt my portions were smaller than they advertise.

In fact, it was tax time and I brought back an eight ounce Medium (w/o toppings) to the office. Since I had to weigh my tax return anyway, I decided to weigh the froyo and it registered 7.3 ounces, including the container. Therefore, it was likely I received less than seven ounces (due to the weight of the container). Would it destroy profit margins if they offered a little more than a little less? Also, why do they provide such large containers when they always swirl the froyo with a giant hole in the middle?

Jul 01, 2007
peterx in Los Angeles Area

West LA donut showdown: Primo's vs Royal Donuts

I've recently tried both Primo's and Royal for the first time. I really liked the idea that Primo's has been around for 50+ years and Mr. and Mrs. Primo are still working in their clean shop. I'm not a coffee drinker so I can't speak to the coffee; however, I really enjoyed the Royal donuts much more than the Primo donuts. In a quiet way, I found the Royal proprieter friendly; although, the dark environment was less enticing (I believe that was previously mentioned by a poster, maybe not on this thread) than Primo's. Anyhow, I brought the donuts home, so I was less concerned about the darkness and they were open early on Sunday (Primo was closed). And as an added bonus, "Mrs. Royal" tossed in three donut holes and an extra "brown" donut. My overflowing pink donut box and package of two freshly hot apple fritters from Royal was ten dollars and change--well worth the calories and cholesterol.

Jun 17, 2007
peterx in Los Angeles Area


My family and I tried to "walk-in" on a week night a week or two after the restaurant opened. The "fat host" basically ignored us even though the restaurant was 10% (maybe 20%) full. He didn't even acknowledge that we existed. After a few minutes, he decided we waited long enough and told us a table was available. He did so without even looking at us. My wife decided to do likewise and we walked out. We love the new restaurants in Culver City and we live nearby, but it will take a lot for us to visit Fraiche.

Jun 17, 2007
peterx in Los Angeles Area

Sushi Today - Where is Kim?

Anyone know the whereabouts of Kim formerly of Sushi Today (on Temple Street)? I only went to Sushi Today once, right before they closed, and regret that it was only one time.

Feb 19, 2007
peterx in Los Angeles Area

Yoku Yoku - Froyo & Gelato (Westside Village)

I went to Yoku Yoku this weekend. Great Italian yogurt. In addition, yogurt samples come in a mini-wafer cone. The owners seem to be working hard to make it a go.

Also, I never like the former Penguins (I like the one on Olympic and Westwood much better). I thought it was dirty. I'm glad they cleaned it up with this bright new place.

Jan 23, 2007
peterx in Los Angeles Area

Favorite Soontofu in Koreatown?

I went to Beverly Soon Tofu a couple of weeks ago. It was very tasty; however, I felt the telltale signs of MSG afterwards. I assume that is why it was so tasty.

In addition, if you are going there, the sign in front does not exactly say "Beverly Soon Tofu", I believe it only says "Beverly Tofu Restuarant" and the "Soon" is missing. I wasn't certain I was at the right place.

Jan 19, 2007
peterx in Los Angeles Area

Santa Ynez and Paso Robles

We just had lunch at La Simpitia in Guadalupe. Originally we planned on going to the Far Western Tavern, but we had our fill of red meat for the week. We choose a "lite" lunch of authentic Mexican at La Simpitia. It couldn't be a better choice. Tasty (maybe some of the best authentic Mexican we’ve had and we’re from Los Angeles), non-greasy (as non-greasy as Mexican can be) and good pricing. The pricing was a little erractic--$1.25 for a bean burrito, but $2.25 for fresh (although it was really fresh as lemons were carried back to the bar to make our second lemonade) lemonade. In addition, the service was extremely friendly (in a small town way), especially towards us non-locals.

Aug 24, 2006
peterx in California


If you like yogurt, you should try the Baby Yogurt. They told me they import it from Italy (I'm not sure in what form)

Jul 11, 2006
peterx in Los Angeles Area

anything we can do for Sushi Zo?

I had a similar experience. Before my visit, I had never experienced omakase. The postings on Chowhound led me to try omakase since a couple of posters estimated omakase was about $50 per person. I admit it was very naïve of me, but I didn't really know what to expect and I thought omakase might be prix fixe. My total bill (including one beer, tax and tip) was over $90. I was pretty surprised at the cost, especially since I was not "stuffed". I probably had no more than a dozen pieces.

Jul 11, 2006
peterx in Los Angeles Area

Las Vegas Family Dessert Suggestions

My family, including a five and a seven year old, will be spending a few days in Las Vegas. We wanted to sample some local fun/interesting non-expensive dessert places, such as Luv-It Custard on Sahara. Any other suggestions?

Jun 29, 2006
peterx in Southwest

Tender Greens - Open & Excellent

Went for a "quick" lunch on Wednesday, June 21. It wasn't quick, but my chicken sandwich and a small side spinach salad were great. A little pricey for an everyday lunch at $12+ with a lemonade. BTW, I agree the lemonade was really good--not too tart, not too sweet and a decent size.

It took about 15-20 minutes to get my food after being at the end of the ordering line of 6-7 people. It is not fast (or slow) food--certainly, the quality isn't fast food. By the time I left, there were about 25 people waiting to order. They seem to have a bunch of people, maybe a dozen or more, working in the restaurant, but everyone was moving pretty fast. I was probably a little sensitive to time because I perceived it would be a quick lunch. Next time I'll factor in the potential for a wait and hopefully be able to relax and enjoy another tasty meal.

Jun 24, 2006
peterx in Los Angeles Area