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So sick of overpriced Westchester!

Well Westchester real estate isn't cheap, and much of what you pay for at the average restaurant is location. My list of high quality to cost ratios includes:

1. Valentino's Yonkers/Mount Vernon
2. Hajime Sushi (despite the affluence of Harrison they haven't raised their prices in 10 years)
3. Ribs on the Run Central Ave by TJ Maxx. They have other locations, but this is my favorite. Good fried shrimp, french fries, and, if you're not one of those crazy connoisseurs, ribs.
4. Tandoori Taste of India Port Chester has a good lunch buffett and dinner menu,
5. Epstein's Central Ave can be good for kosher deli if you go on a sunday and get one of the good counter guys (I remember an older guy and a hispanic kid being pretty sharp). Otherwise try Liebman's in Riverdale.
6. American Bistro in Eastchester. They started in a warehouse area which allowed them to spend more on ingriedients instead of overhead. Now they're near the train station but still give pretty good value. One of their former chefs moved to Halstead Bistro in Harrison which is also not a bad choice. Another ok spot for bistro junkies is Encore in Larchmont.
7. City Limits Diner (rendered "upscale" only by the presence of so many downscale versions elsewhere) has palatable fish and chips, turkey club sandwiches, omelettes, burgers, etc. The central avenue location is very noisy, so takeout might be a better idea, but I managed to find a bearable place to sit in the stamford one.

This list is probably too casual, though Valentino's stacks up against any place for steaks/chops/seafood/pasta. I don't really dine much at the county's elite, e.g. Blue Stone, Crabtree Kittle, Le Chateau, but it is possible to pay a lot for food and still feel like you got a good deal. I was reminded of this during my only visit to Morton's, which I thought might be another "very overpriced for what it is" experience, but actually proved to be quite remarkable. Conversely, City Island, which had its moments, was never cheap, and my last meal there convinced me not to return.