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Maine's Best Doughnuts

" .--all made in an old-fashioned automatic fryer that you can watch through some glass." For me old fashioned means Hand cut and fried in lard and that covers gradma cooking them in a cast iron skillett or hand cut and frying in a big fryer full of lard for a donnut shop. not a machine making them. IMHO

Maine's Best Doughnuts

My vote would be for the Mohegan style Donuts from the Family Bakery I was selling 150 doz. donuts per day 6 days a wk for years, wholesale and 125 lb of peanutbutter fudge per wk. and 3000 single serving pastrys per mo. I sold my bakery several yrs ago, and now make donuts for fund raisers like Boy Scouts, Church, and the Conway house