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Son's 30th Birthday Party

I disagree completely with what is being said regarding your budget. This is a recession and many restaurants are suffering and willing to negotiate. For my rehearsal dinner in July, I negotiated a two course menu (no dessert) including red and white wine at 5 Ninth in the meatpacking district for 30 guests. It's not 'fancy', but they have an upstairs room that has exposed brick and wood and a very rustic, cozy charming feel. Guests had two options for both the appetizer and the entree, and the cost was $30 ++ per guest. (not including tax and tip). I went to them with that budget, and they made a menu to match that. (their normal menus start around $60 plus without any drinks) One of the other tools I used to negotiate was the time of the party- we had an earlier dinner (6pm) rather than an 8pm dinner which allowed them to have another party after ours. It turned out great and everyone loved the food. Dont' be afraid to negotiate!

5 Ninth
5 Ninth Avenue, New York, NY 10014

Mar 20, 2010
joules14 in Manhattan