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Cooking Class/Dinner in or around Hartford

Connecticut Culinary Institute in Hartford has cooking classes on Saturdays and Sundays ... all types of cuisine, taught by chef instructors, hands on, small classes and you eat what you have made.

Where do the Locals eat in Oak Bluffs, MV?

Sugar Shack - right on the harbor, next to Coop de Ville

Carryout in downtown Hartford?

Trumbull Kitchen 150 Trumbull Street across from Cityplace - 5 min walk from you. They have some great salads., tapas and pizzas that are veg or can modify to make veg. They do take out or can eat in

Lunch nr New London CT Ferry?

Hanifin's Irish Pub short walk up State Street from ferry - fish and chips, burgers, stews, shephard's pie.

Lasagna alla Bolognese

Its traditional to add wine to sauce in Italy. Its also traditional for the cook to devise a dish using leftovers around the house - ie panzanella salad, rice balls. We had mascarpone left over so we "tru it in the sauce".

Feb 27, 2008
cheesey in Recipes

Lasagna alla Bolognese

I go to culinary school and we made this in class today. If you use fresh pasta you do not need to cook the noddles at all - they will cook from the moisture of the sauce. We layered bolgnase sauce, sliced fresh mozzerella, pasta, another layer of sauce cheese and pasta, a mixture of marscapone cheese, pecorino, asiago, parmesan, egg yolks parsley and nutmeg (bascially the ends of the cheeses used in class that day), pasta,sauce cheese, pasta, bechamel sauce, grated parm and basil chiffonade. It was delicious.

We used marsala wine and milk in the sauce.

Feb 21, 2008
cheesey in Recipes

Mystic, CT??

it is open now. haven't eaten there yet.

Mystic, CT??

not in Mystic but just one or two exits down 95 in Groton CT - Olios. Can do a large room in the back - we had a retirement party there in Oct. for someone at a small office - about the same size. Really good food - the owner also has Bravo Bravo in downtown Mystic. We were able to pick out our entrees before hand and pay so that on the day off thye asked us our names onced seated and the food came. The food is very good.

Good seafood near stonington,ct

Skipper's Dock = $$$$$$ and the food isn't on par with the price (not bad but not on par). However when the outside seating is open and its a beautiful sunny fall day it is worth the cash to have a drink and some apps - beautiful beautiful view.

Water Street is excellent, as is Noah's and both are a two minute walk from where you are staying - Skipper's Dock is behind you.

What does too "towny" mean? Too many locals?

What you eat at Kitchen Little?

Kitchn Little pops up on this board quite a bit. Th few times that I have been there I have been overwhelmed by the big menu and I think I choose poorly. Now that the crowds have gone I'd like to give it another shot - what do you recommend?

Need Rec. For Lunch In Mystic, CT

The ad has been in The Day Thursday weekend guide - Belgian (sp?) style with dipping sauces - I guess they have other food too. Its a french name. Any one been?

Need Rec. For Lunch In Mystic, CT

Have you been to the new french fry place (can't think of the name) in downtown Mystic next to the Emporium? They are supposed to have lunch and dinner as well as fries?

I think you could bother with Noah's - they have a wonderful lunch - very fresh seafood and running a bunch of german specials (wurst's, schnitzel's, etc) for Octoberfest and if you are into beer they have Spaten Ocktoberfest on tap this month - saw it in the paper last night.

Best food all over New England?

If you are driving from W Hartford to Providence along 95 stop in Stonington and try Noah"s in Stonington Borough. Excellent breakfast lunch and dinner - casual, won't need a reservation this time of year if during week (would call for a Friday or Saturday night). Has great fish dishes for you and beef, pork, less adventurous fare for your husband (eat at the bar - great bar menu aswell) hard to list what they have because menu changes seasonally and the fish dishes depend on what's landed on the dock that morning. Listed in "The 1000 places to go before you die US and Canada" version and here is their website

Cheese Shops in Connecticut

Brie and Blue - Bank Street, New London. Small but quality selections of cheeses - also has kitchen - you can order salads, bruchettas -

Great wine shop next door - they do free wine and cheese tastings on Friday night.

Sep 30, 2007
cheesey in Southern New England

Still River Cafe

How far in advance did you have to book (although I'm sure that review won't help shorten the wait) - did you go for lunch, brunch or dinner?

Still River Cafe

NY Times gave this Eastford restarant a great review - the menu on its website looks really good -- has anyone been there?

unch in Stonington

Good restaurant in Mystic CT?

their website is

Good restaurant in Mystic CT?

You just described Noah's in Stonington Borough

Noah's Restaurant
113 Water St, Stonington, CT 06378

Tuscany at Mohegan Sun?

I agree with most here - Tuscany is not very good eating. I've had both brunch and dinner at Caesar and Pompeii and they were very good. And you could a a cozy quiet table in the back - very romantic. Tuscany is right out in the mainstream of the mall and you can hear the slots.

Zavala's in New London

Going out there tonight - any suggestions about what to order?

New London lunch

Trnrbrnr - I don't know what day you tried to hit lunch - Sunday can be quite tricky - but I highly suggest walking Bank Street. There are some wonderful choices.

moomoo60 - a few more suggestions - There is also an Indian restaurant on State Street (just walk up the hill of Bank at the parade) that is very good. Good burgers that way as well at the historic Dutch Tavern (Eugene O'Neill's father tipped back there). And there is a new place on Pequot where Schooner's was (next to hotdog/lobster roll/ seafood stand whose name escapes me - which is also great for lunch) on the river and run by the famous Stash - called On the Waterfront - that the New London Day just recommended its cajun fish sandwich for lunch.

New London is trying and may be lacking in many areas but a place for lunch - in my opinion - is definitely not one of them.

New London lunch

Captain Scott's is a nice place for lunch - on the water - good lobster roll. There is a new restauarnt called Lucca's Wine Bar on Bank Street that's new - I haven't eaten there yet but the menu looked interesting - changes daily - salads and light meals it looked like for lunch and inside looked pretty. Brie and Blue on Bank Street has a menu that features its fabulous cheeses - and there is a wine store next door that you can buy wine to drink with your lunch. They have a deck out back that has a view of the river. Also on Bank Street I think its called Anastasia's - its next to an art gallery a couple of doors down from Brie and Blue - they have wonderful soups, salads and sandwiches and seating outside. Cafe 57 also on Bank Street (after Howard) has good food and fantastic desserts.

Dinner Recs in Flanders and Mystic, CT

AJ's is awesome I 'd pick that over S&P any day ... its quite small though so you might want to call ahead. Get an ice cream from the store next to the drawbridge and stand on said drawbridge and you will have a better view thatn S&P and a much better dining experience.

Noah's is fanastic. As is Water Street Cafe on same street. In Flanders on 161 is The Flander's Fish Market - which also has meat on the menu but unsure if BBQ. For BBQ I would head over to Groton and go to Russell's Ribs - its the exit for the sub base on Rte 12 I believe. Groton is between Mystic and Flanders.

How was the Seaman's Inn -- the chef there now - Tim Quinn was at Noah's as well as the late lamented Sherlock 221. He's excellent and i would think the quality of food there has improved.

Coventry CT Farmer's Market

Is it worth the trip from New London? Any must taste vendors?

Coffee shop/house near Groton Ct.

In New London on Bank Street is Muddy Waters Cafe which is a cool independant coffehouse but I don't know if this is too far away for you

Elegant Birthday Dinner on the Water in Mystic

Not a fan of the Bravo Bravo ... but its more personality/cleanliness thing than the food... I'd try Daniel Packer Inn

Dining on Martha's Vineyard with Kids? [Moved from Boston board]

I was going to second David Ryan's - upstairs is great for families and yes it fills up fast so I would make a reservation - they have great burgers, salads and sandwiches for the non meat eaters in your group. I also enjoy the Square Rigger in Edgartown (well just outside of it at the triangle on the way to Oak Bluff/Vineyard Haven) - they have prime rib on Friday nights as well as great old school seafood. They also fill up quickly

Elegant Birthday Dinner on the Water in Mystic

Ditto JaneRI - and you can't walk from Mystic to Abbott's in Noank -- well you could but its a hike. :)

If you don't mind spending the dinero on ok food and not eating in Mystic - Skipper's Dock has an amazing view of Stonington Harbor (its not called the dock for nothing) and its much more "elegant" than Abbott's (and better food IMHO).

Fresh Seafood Near New London?

thanks for the info- I hadn't been there in a while since I moved to the other side of the Gold Star - that will make it a lot easier to explain where it is!