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Sea Urchin

I've never had sea urchin, but would love to try it. Is anybody in the Twin Cities doing a good job with sea urchin?

Seafood Fondue

Seafood Palace on Nicollet used to offer a "Seafood Fondue" in the winter months. You'd have a pot of hot broth on the table, and would use it to cook various kinds of seafood from their buffet. At the end of the meal you'd add some seafood and vegetables to the pot and enjoy a soup you had been flavoring all evening.

Does anybody know of a restaurant in the Twin Cities that's doing that kind of thing now?

Former French restaurant at Rosedale circa 1980s

Looking for the recipe. We seem to have misplaced it, but it's a favorite so we'll hunt. (My wife and I actually purchased jars of the house dressing from Le Bistro near Ridgedale to use at our wedding rehearsal dinner about 30 years ago!)

Former French restaurant at Rosedale circa 1980s

Are you thinking of Le Bistro? They had a great house salad dressing too. The Strib printed the recipe years ago, and we still make it now and then.

is origami still number one for sushi??

Lemon Grass has added a sushi bar. Has anybody here tried it? (We were there last week, but went for Thai.)

A Quest for Burger Greatness

Looks like you don't have Smashburger in Seattle. It's definitely worth a try -- a great greasy burger. Sure it's a chain, but definitely a cut above.

Tart shells

I'm afraid I haven't found any locally. Fortunately my needs changed, so I don't need them now.

CSA recommendations?

From reading the discussion thread I think the people in the discussion understand what CSA is -- it's just that some are saying that our actual experience with it turned out not to be a great fit for our needs. Of course, you don't find that out until you try.

What we wound up learning was that dragging out butts to the farmer's market every week isn't that different from dragging our butts to the drop site every week. While the "surprise" element of the CSA box was entertaining, we wound up deciding that being able to choose products and quantities outweighed the fun of that surprise. But as with so much else in life, your mileage may vary.

I think the comment about the challenges posed by Minnesota's relatively short growing season was dead on, and that certainly affects the CSA experience here.

CSA recommendations?

We tried a CSA two years ago and experienced the same price/value problem. Last year we just used the CSA money to shop our local farmers' market, and we were much happier with the results.

Tart shells

Can anyone recommend a good Twin Cities source for pre-made mini tart shells? I need about 300.

Good Asian/Ethnic near MOA?

I suppose it depends partly on your definition of "near." If you can drive a bit, head up Cedar and west on Crosstown, and you'll be close to Singapore (5554 34th Ave. S., Minneapolis). Indonesian, great curry.

Credit card for takeout?

I just called a Thai place in Plymouth for take-out, and was asked to give a credit card number over the phone. I don't believe I've ever been asked for this before. They said they were having trouble with no-shows. I guess I was going to give them my debit card when I picked up the order anyway, but it still seemed weird somehow. Is this part of a trend? Have others seen this in the Twin Cities?

Mar 26, 2012
djtrouten in Not About Food

Where can I get ground veal near Champlin?

I'm pretty sure I saw some at Osseo Meat Market last week.

Wheat berries

Can anyone recommend a good local source for buying wheat berries in bulk?

Where can I buy skirt steak?

You might call Hackenmueller's in Robbinsdale.

Travail: Still Crazy Busy??

The regularly full house at Travail reminds me of what Yogi Berra once said about a St. Louis restaurant he used to frequent: "Nobody goes there any more; it's too crowded."

Travail: Still Crazy Busy??

We went last night, figuring that the rain might slow the traffic. We got there 10 minutes after they opened for dinner, and got the last three places at the counter. The place was packed. Still, completely worth it.

Clotted cream

Thanks all. I found it at Byerlys, near the milk. (I had been looking by the butter.)

1601 County Road C W, Saint Paul, MN 55113

Best grilled cheese?

Thanks! I searched, but evidently not hard enough!

Best grilled cheese?

Where do you go for the best grilled cheese sandwich in the Twin Cities?

BBQ, Minnesota Monthly, Q Fanatic

Just ate at Q Fanatic for the first time. It was delicious. We had a sampler platter. The babybacks were good (though not amazing). But the spareribs were melt-in-your-mouth tender. Good smoky taste to themeats. Nice variety of sauces. The garlic sauce was nice on the already garlicky and buttery rolls. We'll be back. (I'd rate it even higher, but they really should figure out a way to get the food out faster.)

Q fanatic BBQ
180 Miller Rd, Champlin, MN 55316

Caul fat

Thanks to all for these great leads.

Caul fat

I'm looking at a recipe that calls for caul fat. Any thoughts on a good Twin Cities area vendor? I asked at Hackenmuellers and they don't have it. They also said it might be really pricey. Has anybody used this?


If you want a one-pound steak, Lindy's is a fine place to go. Otherwise, you're pretty much out of luck there.

Fresh whole spices

Where are the best places to buy top-quality spices?

Clotted cream

Does anyone know of a Twin Cities source for fresh clotted cream?


Found them at Byerly's in Maple Grove. Guess they're seasonal. Didn't care for them, but at least my curiosity is satisfied.

3777 Park Center Blvd A, St Louis Park, MN


Where in the Twin Cities can I buy a grapple? (It's a grape-flavored apple.)

MSP: Baku in Plymouth - your review?

Looked for this place a few weeks ago without luck. Are you sure it's still there?

MSP Victory 44 - A New Beginning?

Just ate there tonight. What a great surprise! From the outside you'd have no idea what you're getting into. The menu was creative, and it seemed like the food was prepared by people who enjoy food.

We had the "Devils on a Horseback" for an appetizer -- dates wrapped in bacon. Very tasty.

We split the charcuterie, a collection of different meat dishes (pate, head cheese, etc.). It was good, but a bit much for the two of us -- it wound up being a lot of the same texture. I think I'll try this again when I go back with guests, but probably not for just two.

We also split a foie gras hot dog -- just because the idea of putting foie gras on a hot dog seemed so over-the-top. Before we got it we thought, "Who would put foei gras on a hot dog?" And after we had it we thought, "Why hasn't anybody else thought of putting foie gras on a hot dog?"

We're sold. Next time back, we tackle the tasting menu.