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CHOW Ginger Beer

Why bother waiting for some random yeast culture to fall in out of the air? Because it is natural? So it poison ivy. Don't waste your time. Breakdown and add some dry yeast.

Mar 19, 2010
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Make Your Own Soda Pop

I disagree with some of the comments made about bottles exploding because of too much yeast added at first. I have made root beer for years and rarely have I had a bottle explode. Yeast grows on sugar. Putting in less yeast at the start just means it takes longer for the soda to brew. But, from personal experience, each single bottle can end up with probably the equivalent of a package of yeast at the bottom when done. Yes, yeast does go dormant in a refrigerator. But, it also stops growing as the soda becomes more alcoholic and carbonated...which acidifies the soda. To prevent exploding bottles, either use plastic bottles or glass bottles of a returnable nature. The disposable glass bottles are of thinner glass. Then, put the bottle in the cooler after 2-3 days. Pasteurize sealed bottles of soda? In my opinion that WOULD be a good way to make the explode, because the warmer the soda is, the less gas it can hold.

Mar 19, 2010
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