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Good quality fresh olive oil in Vancouver or Burnaby?

Hi maxmillan,

I am Teresa from the Olive Oil Merchant (fmed mentions us above). I just wanted to respond to some of your questions which are very interesting. Turpentine is NOT a flavour that would be considered favourable in olive oil. What you probably noted there is a fault that is called "fusty" which is the result of olives being left too long after harvest before the pressing starts. The olives start to ferment and the result is what you tasted. Pepperiness (or pungency) is unmistakable. You feel it in the back of your throat and it tickles/burns. This is an indicator of freshness. You will not find this in stale or old oils. It is the polyphenols/antioxidents (ie. the health benefits) that make it peppery. Smooth is actually not considered as a favourable characteristic as it is an indicator that the oil is older and has lost its health benefits (or never had them to start with). To be considered Extra Virgin, by law, an oil must have some degree of 1. pepperiness/pungency, 2. bitterness and 3. fruitiness. The fruitiness can be described as tomato, artichoke, grass, herb, etc, depending on the type of olive that was used to produce the oil.

As far as production country go, there are great oils coming from all those countries and also some terrible oils. Producers from each country will tell you that theirs is the best without being able to tell you exactly why. Artisan is the key that you need to look for. Industrial, high intensity farming practices produce oil that taste like turpentine...

Glad that you read Extra Virginity. It is a great book... the farm that is referred to in the first chapter (De Carlo) is one our partners. We are so happy that this kind of info is finally being spoken about by the media.



Also now at Nicli Antica Pizzeria - bottarga pizza....


Also now available retail at La Ghianda on Alma at 4th (La Quercia's offshoot).


La Quercia (4th & Alma) has added Pasta con Bottarga to their fresh sheet recently...

La Quercia
3689 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6R1P2, CA