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Reco on the way to FLL airport?

Agree that Johnny Vs is not casual and I'm not really a fan. If you are going to stroll down Las Olas, here are my recommendations (I live a half block off Las Olas):

Roccos Tacos (owned by the Big City people)
Fork & Balls (meatballs)
Sweet Nectar (Southern Tapas)
Big City Tavern
Lobster Bar
Royal Pig

The thing about Las Olas is that people will jump on the water taxi in their bathing suit and cover up and the street just isn't that casual. Seeing someone in a bathing suit at 401 Grill or even the Cheesecake Factory is kind of weird. Some of the restaurants on Las Olas including Johnny Vs are very nice.

Best Meatballs /meatball hero in Ft Lauderdale?

Fork & Balls on Las Olas is very good.

Restaurant checking your belongings

Strollers are not allowed in aisles because it is against fire code. The Fire Marshall will fine you or shut down your restaurant.

Need Expert/Local Help for Miami Beach Wedding Dinners

Micheal's Genuine never disappoints.

Dirt cheap (yet quality) lunch/dinner in Fort Lauderdale?

Shuck n Dive, while very good, is not inexpensive. My husband and I had lunch there yesterday and two cups of gumbo, to entrees, and four beers with tip was $75. While we ate a lot, it isn't cheep. Still it is one of my favorite restaurants anywhere.

Cafe Boulud

Call the hotel and make sure the restaurant is still Café Boulud. We were just there a couple of weeks ago to go out to dinner with friends who were staying at the hotel and they said Café Boulud pulled out of the Brazillian Court. We didn't bother to check that out even though we were three feet from the restaurant.

18% Gratuity Included...Wha???

You are correct. It can no longer be labeled as a gratuity but must be service charge.

To the OP, in South Beach there would not be a single server working if they couldn't add gratuity. Europeans are HORRIBLE tippers.

Where do the locals eat in the Ft. Lauderdale area?

Gran Forno-go to the bakery on Las Olas not the restaurant. Go early, once they sell out of sandwiches that is it for the day.
Foxy Brown
Roccos Tacos
Sweet Nectar
Big City Tavern
Lobster Bar
Johnny V
Royal Pig

There is a dive Cuban place almost on the corner of Sunrise and Andrews that is a walk up that has the best Cuban and Cuban coffee on the planet. Can't think of the name even tho I've been there multiple times.


I'm surprised so many are recommending Joes Stone Crab. It is overpriced and has relied on its 1950s reputation since then. If you want stone crab, go to Montys for happy hour.

Upscale Cuban restaurant in Miami or Miami Beach?

Havana 57 is my favorite new Cuban.

Las Olas Blvd. Anywhere worth trying?

Touristy? Not really.
Lobster Bar
Royal Pig
Big City Tavern
Roccos Tacos
Sweet Nectar

Ft. Lauderdale dinner, not far from music club on SW 3rd Avenue????

Foxy Brown is excellent.

4 day visit 24-28 Dec - booked Michy's, The Bazaar, Yardbird and Michael's Genuine - should I make changes?

Jeff McInnes left Yardbird.

Cuban restaurant - Versailles or somewhere else

My new favorite is Havana 1957. It's like eating at my sister's mother in law's house.

Pre-cruise stay in FLL

Le Tub isn't on the beach, it is on the Intracoastal Waterway. Horrible service but decent burger. If they are busy, they won't let you order anything but the burger.

Big City Tavern on Las Olas is excellent.

Fort Lauderdale

I live off Las Olas and walk by there all the time. The menu is super expensive. As the other poster mentioned, they are never busy when all the other restaurants are. Doesn't look too great for them but I hope they do well.

South Beach-focused long weekend recap (LONG)

Wow that was great! I gained ten pounds just reading your report!

Yardhouse - Coming to Mizner, Boca Raton - July 2012

Had a horrible experience at the Yardhouse in San Diego and will not be back.

Just because they have low turnover doesn't mean their management is what is keeping them there.

My husband left a restaurant group that had their human resources based out of California and it was impossible for him to fire employees that needed to be fired including illegal drugs and assault.

They had to be written up three times, counseled and all firings had to go through the California human resources department. Kind of hard to run a restaurant when your hands are tied by west coast HR department. His average employee had been with him six years because he couldn't get rid of them.

When does oyster season in Charleston end?

The rule of thumb is only months with an 'R' in them.

May 14, 2013
BlueHerons in Southeast

Myrtle Beach

E Noodles Myrtle Beach
Prossers BBQ Murrells Inlet
Salt Creek Murrells Inlet
Bubbas Murrells Inlet
Divine Fish House Murrells Inlet
Frank's Outback Pawleys Island

May 14, 2013
BlueHerons in Southeast

The Single Most Overrated Dish

Actually, real red velvet cake is actually a chocolate cake. My aunt makes one to die for but I've had the ones you are describing.

May 14, 2013
BlueHerons in General Topics

Fresh seafood restaurant between Port Charlotte and Sarasota

Casey Key Fish house is pretty bad. The worst crab cake I've ever had.

May 14, 2013
BlueHerons in Florida

Siesta Key

You realize chains also support the locals right? They are able to provide benefits to employees local places can't? Support families?

The Cottage
Blu Q
The Hub
Captain Curts
Blase Cafe

May 14, 2013
BlueHerons in Florida

Fried Chicken

Yoders is extremely bland. As a southerner, it's the first time I've ever had bad fried chicken.

I agree Publix is pretty good.

None as good as my grandmothers. She soaked hers in buttermilk.

May 14, 2013
BlueHerons in Florida

Is Florida the next Foodie Hotspot? - Wall Street Journal

I think that sometimes there is nothing in the world that tastes better to me than a good fried oyster.

Florida is what it is. I've at Charlie Trotters, French Laundry and Per Se.

Somethings don't have to be overwrought to be excellent.

May 14, 2013
BlueHerons in Florida

Clear winner as far as best fun food neighborhood around Tampa for vacation?

The term 'tourist trap' is bothersome. All restaurants need tourists and locals to stay in business and all restaurants provide jobs for people trying to make a living.

Restaurants have provided my family's livelyhood for three generations so I'm a bit touchy. That said, I really love Ybor City and especially the Paella and Sangria at Columbia. Plan on forty minutes for the Paella, Sangria is made tableside.

Apr 22, 2013
BlueHerons in Florida

Costco & Trader Joe's Arrive in Sarasota. What food to buy/avoid?

During the holidays at Trader Joes do not miss the salt caramels or the frozen, pastry wrapped Brie. Good god it's good and one time I ate a whole one myself. They aren't small.

Apr 04, 2013
BlueHerons in Chains

Good Places Ft. Myers to Naples/Bonita We Might Not Know?

I know you've already been there and back but I am a really big fan of Tommy Bahama. Not only is the food fantastic but the outdoor restaurant is a really cool place to sit and eat and drink with friends and family. Fish, tacos, ahi tuna poki, tuna tacos, scallop sliders, pina colada cake, lobster bisque are just a few of my favorites.

Apr 04, 2013
BlueHerons in Florida

Drive from Miami to Key West--Where to stop for Key Lime Pie

Blond Giraffe in Key West.

Apr 04, 2013
BlueHerons in Florida

Restaurant w/private room or semi-private area

You might get more responses if you repost with location in the title. Most sit down restaurants will be able to accommodate you.

Apr 04, 2013
BlueHerons in Florida