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Are Microwaves Essential?

"If we lived in Canada, I probably would think differently."

Yeah. I hear ya. If we used a normal stove, the igloo would probably melt. Microwaves are great - not only do they keep the heat down, they come in handy for nuking that freshly caught seal that we hauled up on the nearest ice floe. Or warming up the gravy for the poutine.

<eye roll>

Feb 18, 2014
cocotel in Features

Brown Butter Hasselback Potatoes (Accordion Potatoes)

Good suggestions on how to slice the potatoes - I have a third option! Put the potato in a spoon and cut through until the blade touches the edges of the spoon. You'll never cut through the potato this way (just do it carefully so you don't ruin your knife blade!)

Oct 26, 2013
cocotel in Recipes

Brick Chicken with Rosé Wine and Bacon

I take it "brick chicken" is the lastest rage. This is the third time this week I have seen a recipe for this style of cooking chicken, by three different chefs! It does sound great though, another recipe for my 'must try' list.

Apr 17, 2010
cocotel in Recipes

Mediterranean Jalapeño Poppers

I made these tonight and they were awesome. However, I guess I didn't do a great job on removing ALL the seeds/ribs on one or two of husband is still waving his hand in front of his open mouth to make the fire go out...but really, I think he's just fanning the flames.

Mar 18, 2010
cocotel in Recipes