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Madagascar Recommendations?

Hi all...I will be travelling in Madagascar in the next couple of weeks. All the recommendations seem to be a few years old. Anything new that I should be aware of?

getting in to Spoon and Stable

Sorry, Il Foro. Never had an issue at Spoon and Stable.

getting in to Spoon and Stable

How was your service? We had no issue with the food, but were practically ignored the entire time we were there. Also, the server kept correcting our pronunciation, questioning our order and being not what we look for in a server.

Restaurant Rec in Hudson for Large Group

I am looking for a restaurant recommendation in Hudson for about 6 people. I was considering Fish and Game, but it looks like larger groups might be a challenge for them? Is that true, or are there other restaurant in the area that can accommodate a larger table while still having an excellent experience? I will be coming from out of town to visit family I haven't seen in a while, so a excellent meal where we can linger is what I am interested in.

What's new/newsworthy in Ulster County?

Two of my mother's standbys :) Thanks for the recs, though...I 've definitely had good meals at both.

What's new/newsworthy in Ulster County?

I will be visiting family in May for a couple of days. What places should I not miss?
For recommendations: I eat everything, as long as it's good. I am coming from the Twin Cities so have a lot of access to farm to table (though I still love it!), East African, Vietnamese, Hmong. Looking for at least one nice, mid-range restaurant for a family dinner (under $100/person drinks included).

Can You Get A Tongue Sandwich In the Twin Cities??

Thanks for the clarification. I'll have to try that preparation next time I see it!

Can You Get A Tongue Sandwich In the Twin Cities??

It sounds like you are looking for a very specific preparation? There are lots of places in town that serve tongue in a sandwich form. Any Mexican restaurant that serves tortas generally has tongue as an option.

70th birthday suggestions?

How many people? By family style, do you mean large shared portions?


Thanks...for some reason the only City Pages article I turned up was from the spring.

This article seemed a little weird to me, though. They do mention some positive things about some of the dishes but it was hard to get a read on what they thought of the whole experience.


I am planning a dinner with a friend and one of the options is Libertine. I can't seem to find any word about it, other than it exists. Has anyone been?

Big Bowl Rest./@Galleria Edina: WHAT A RIP OFF!!!!

We went there many years ago, and our experience was so awful we cringe whenever people even mention a Big Bowl.
We had the standard combination of bad food and bad service, but our favorite part of the night was when my husband mentioned that the meat was very poor quality and he couldn't even tell what part of the animal it came from. Their response? "Well, that's because it's organic..."

Worst Restaurants in Town

Pig and Fiddle is on my "avoid at all cost" list. We went there when they first opened, especially since there was a lot of hype around their beer menu and we are big beer people.
The entire meal the food was mediocre at best. We were willing to give them the benefit of the doubt, because they were new and still getting in the groove.
Until dessert. We ordered a chocolate (Summit) stout pudding that came burned and curdled (chunks in the pudding). After getting table consensus (3 of us) that the pudding was in fact burned and not just off, we sent it back to the kitchen. We were told that the pudding was supposed to taste that way, and it was just the flavor of the beer coming through. If the kitchen can't tell when their dish is burned, I decided it wasn't worth the repeat.

Cleveland- What's new?

Trip Report:
Due to festivities and visiting friends, we were not able to make it to as many destinations as we were hoping. However, here’s where we went and what we thought:
Pura Vida: Husband had the oxtail empanadas and I had the chickpea pasta. The empanadas were amazing and we could have eaten more. I was a bit underwhelmed with the chickpea pasta. Taste was ok, but the chickpea flour didn’t hold the pasta together very well.
Greenhouse Tavern: I pushed hard for this one over other options and (ducks) we were disappointed. We stuck with the seconds, because all of the thirds looked too large for our appetite that night. We shared the Foie Gras Steamed Clams, Crunchy Kale Salad, Gnocchi Sardi Pasta and one other dish I am forgetting. Each dish had an up- and a down. The clams were amazing and we both drank the broth (we both were unable to detect the foie flavor). The kale had an excellent texture and was exactly what my salad-loving husband wanted (the avocado seemed to be missing?). However, the server wasn’t kidding when she said the gnocchi wasn’t “traditional.” It was more like conchigliette. So, all in all, we ate what we ordered, but felt that the menu was overselling the dish. We also noticed several people sending dishes back that night- perhaps an off night?
Final stop was at Noodlecat. We’ve been before, so we knew what to expect. Steam buns are definitely their strong point- but I could eat steam buns all day. Their iced tea was lovely, refreshing and perfect for a warm sunny day.
Thanks for the recommendations everyone- I have a list for the next time we’re in town!

Jun 03, 2014
forgottendreamr in Great Lakes

Have Co-op Produce Prices Risen Astronomically, or Am I Just Noticing?

Makes sense. Though, when we shop, we rarely get just produce. The steeper bill might be due to periphery products that we are buying at the same time.

Cleveland- What's new?

We have at least 2 dinners, 2 lunches. I tend to prefer longer, sit down meals- but I'd hate to miss out on the best meal of my life because they don't have table service!
Is the Underdog under the same ownership as the Happy Dog? Looks fun.

May 19, 2014
forgottendreamr in Great Lakes

Cleveland- What's new?

We eat pretty much anything, as long as it's good. That said, we generally avoid seafood unless we're on the coast. Also, we're located in Minneapolis and will avoid things we can easily get at home (Vietnamese and Somali come to mind. I'd say Ethiopian, but Empress Taytu is where I had my graduation dinner :) )

May 19, 2014
forgottendreamr in Great Lakes

Cleveland- What's new?

My husband and I will be in town for a wedding and will have a few meals to see what's new in Cleveland. We both went to college in the area, and visit every year or so. I'm looking for new recs- we know the West Side Market, we've been to Lola, Velvet Tango Room, etc. What shouldn't we miss that might not be on my radar?

May 19, 2014
forgottendreamr in Great Lakes

Have Co-op Produce Prices Risen Astronomically, or Am I Just Noticing?

Food costs have gone up across the board, we've noticed it. However, we find that Linden Hills and the Wedge are consistently significantly more expensive that other co-ops. We shop at Seward, so if we have to run to Linden Hills for something (as it is closer) we usually get a bit of sticker shock.

Who's firing out the best food right now?

I've had the same issues with Gray House's pacing, and we've been there several times. They've been open for about a year now and still have things they need to figure out.

I would second Corner Table, but they are currently moving locations and may not be open.

Grand Szechuan Plymouth is toast

How about Tea House? I haven't been there in a while, but I've enjoyed it in the past.

Scotch Eggs in Mpls

Not a restaurant, but Seward Coop sometimes carries them in their butcher dept.

Need Charleston Recs for mid April

Didn't mean to aggravate...the last thread I could find addressing this was from October. Since I'm coming from Minneapolis, I don't have an understanding of how seasons affect your dining recs. (Weather/what's in season change our dining scenes pretty significantly depending on time of year).
We eat anything and are open on cost, we really want to get a feel for what represents Charleston. I'll look at the old thread and go from there. Thanks!

Mar 01, 2014
forgottendreamr in Southeast

Need Charleston Recs for mid April

I will be visiting Charleston in mid April. I was there briefly a few years ago, and my husband has never been. We will be in downtown and will have 2 dinners, 2 lunches. What's walkable and not to miss?

Feb 28, 2014
forgottendreamr in Southeast

Going to be in Minneapolis for our 2nd Wedding Anniversary. Restaurant recs?

I agree regarding Alma. I've been twice and have always been rather disappointed, especially after all the hype.

I'll throw out Corner Table. Never had a bad meal there and it is very nice ambiance.

Travail/The Rookery

We ate at the Rookery side last night and we really enjoyed everything we had. The one thing missing from your list that we really enjoyed was the Leeks. They prepared them in such a way that they were tender and infused with flavor, plus the gastronomy tricks of power, emulsions, etc. Our favorite plate of the night.

Las Vegas Trip Report 12/22-26

Just got back from a trip to Las Vegas. I've been following the boards and I know we didn't hit the "best," but here's our impressions:

Burgr: My husband wanted to try it for the celebrity factor. Not too bad, and certainly a pretty burger, but the flavor fell a little short. Temperatures were off of what was requested, which was consistent our entire trip.

Mon Ami Gabi: I'd seen some people say positive things about this place, so I was quite disappointed overall. I ordered a rare steak, and received a rare steak. My husband ordered medium rare and got...bleu. When we pointed it out the the server he just said, "Ok, what do you want to do about it?"

Mesa Grill: By far the best meal we had in Las Vegas. Service was on, the margaritas were excellent. I inhaled the duck tacos so fast I didn't realize they were gone until I was licking the sauce. I had the shrimp tacos...the three sauced that accompanied it really made the dish. My husband had the cheeseburger and loved it. Would definitely go back.

B and B Ristorante: Not bad, but not up to the level that we are used to. Started with the Lamb's tongue. I love tongue, but it was a little plain. Bone Marrow ravioli was quite rich, as marrow should be. Again, a little plain, but I liked this dish. I had the Rabbit Porchetta for dinner, which was a good entree size. However, my husband had the sweetbreads, which were more appetizer sized. He even asked the server about the portion size and was told it was a dinner entree...there were three sweetbreads on the plate and a small slaw. My other gripe about this restaurant was the wine selection. There were very few bottles under the $150-200 range, and there were only a handful by the glass.

Bouchon: We only stopped in for a light lunch, but it was very well executed. Lovely space, everything was cooked elegantly. Wish we had chosen this for a bigger meal, since we were so impressed with everything we tried.

So, all in all, we were generally underwhelmed. We found ourselves comparing most of the dishes we got with some better one somewhere else.

Dec 31, 2013
forgottendreamr in Las Vegas

Where are the donuts?

I'm glad someone had mentioned Corner Table. They have some of the best donuts I've had in the Twin Cities, hands down.

Alinea - Service?

I am probably travelling into unpopular territory here, but I ate at Alinea for the first time last weekend and have to say I was a little disappointed.

First off: the presentation was phenomenal and I have absolutely no complaints. Some of the dishes presented will live in my memory for a long, long time.

However, the service left me feeling lukewarm. I've been in formal restaurants and I don't expect the server to be my best buddy, but I do expect them to facilitate our meal.

Some examples: My friend wanted to do the Reserve wine flight- but was told he couldn't since I was doing the regular and it would "detract from his experience" to have a different order. Really?

The servers in general were very harsh and demanding in their instructions, and never even added a please to their requests. Serious, I don't mind...but it probably won't kill you to soften your demands. I'm not freeloading.

If this had been my first time dining at a restaurant of this caliber, I would be turned off fine dining. If this had been my first time dining in Chicago, I would have put it down to a culture change. However, haven eaten at Moto and Schwa recently gives me (I think) a decent enough baseline to chalk it up to Alinea.

Dec 18, 2013
forgottendreamr in Chicago Area

Who's been to Eataly?

I was just visiting Chicago over the weekend, so we decided to stop in and check it out. Here's my take:
There were a lot of really good options and we enjoyed the food we got. It was a little pricey for what we got, but not too bad. Also, pretty crowded, but I imagine that will die down as the hype goes down.

However, and maybe this is just my pet peeve: it's all for show. The vast majority of the shops had "for display only" posted over everything. When I go to a bake shop, I expect the baskets of bread to be for sale, not decoration. There were several areas that had this (cheese, meat, etc). It made me feel like I was being sold an image, not a product. Just my take, and I went there with a friend. Probably wouldn't have gone alone.

Dec 18, 2013
forgottendreamr in Chicago Area