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Visiting Scranton need info on Old Forge Pizza

Reviving this old thread......

I'm a huge pizza fan.......NYC, Brooklyn, New Haven, Chicago, East Boston......I love it all.

I have one night (this Friday) in Scranton and want to get the best representation of Old Forge pizza.

Where should I go? What's the one place that will give me the best Old Forge pizza? Price, atmosphere, location are secondary considerations.....the pizza is the important thing.

Aug 26, 2013
MSCS in Pennsylvania

Fish Tacos & Tequila

Thanks for the suggestions. I should have mentioned that I do enjoy the fish tacos at both El Pelon and Dorado. But the lack of tequila served there ruled them out for this trip.

Also should have added the I'm obviously aware that the mexican food in Boston doesn't measure up to that found in Texas, the southwest, California, or Mexico. But my friend is coming to visit in Massachusetts, so those other locations aren't really an option.

Hadn't thought about Zocalo. Good tip. Never had fish tacos there, but I have enjoyed the meals I have had there. I've been underwhelmed by the food at La Verdad.

Oct 27, 2011
MSCS in Greater Boston Area

Fish Tacos & Tequila

Have a friend coming to town and he's a big fish taco and tequila guy. Where in the Boston area can I take him for good fish tacos and a tequila or margarita that's not too expensive?

Oct 26, 2011
MSCS in Greater Boston Area

Casual catering recommendation


Need a casual but interesting caterer for an open house type of event. Sandwhiches, sides, etc. Something between standard supermarket stuff and frou-frou. Expected guests is somewhere between 60-90 total.

Anwhere from Boston to Peabody is ideal as the event will be in the Woburn/Burlington area.


Sep 29, 2011
MSCS in Greater Boston Area

LA transplant looking for the Best Mexican Food /Markets in the Area (ESPECIALLY MOLE!!!)

Never been impressed with Jose's. The last Mole I had there was the Dona Maria jar Mole. If I'm going to eat Mole from a jar, I'll do it at home. The owners have opened a new place in Wayland called Viva which is more upscale. Super friendly, guac made fresh tableside in the molcajete, etc. The first time I went, they had a mole special which was good. The second time, the food was OK.

I have come to like Tu Y Yo the best over the last couple of years. They have the Somerville location, and one in Needham with a completely different feel (and full bar). It's a bit expensive, but the slower cooked foofd and emphasis on sauces make it enjoyable. They normally have a coupe of different moles, and the menu varies slightly between the two locations.

Still not the same as my favorite moles from El Agave in San Diego, but 3000 miles will dumb down your taste buds.

Jan 17, 2011
MSCS in Greater Boston Area

Mexican Mole in Van Nuys area



Jan 11, 2011
MSCS in Los Angeles Area

Sudbury resturant advice needed!

Bullfinch's is good. and romantic. Coach Grille on route 20 on Wayland/Weston line is also good.

Jan 07, 2011
MSCS in Greater Boston Area

Mexican Mole in Van Nuys area


Coming out from the east coast for corporate meeting (HQ in Van Nuys). Looking for a great mexican restaurant with mole (preferably a number of different moles) - good tequila selection a bonus. Hole in the wall or upscale, I don't care. I love mole and want to take advantage of a good place if there is one.

I'm not sure of out transportation situation, so I don't know how far out of Van Nuys I can stray.

Thanks in advance.

Jan 06, 2011
MSCS in Los Angeles Area

Belhaven on tap?

A few months ago, Redbones had the Belhaven Scottish Stout on tap.

Most of the British Beer Company locations have the Belhaven Ale on draught.

55 Chester St, Somerville, MA 02144

Jul 19, 2010
MSCS in Greater Boston Area

Fresh Sweet Corn in the Woburn area

Any good farm stands with good sweet corn in the Woburn area? Concord and Lexington are a bit too far away, so I can't get to Verril or Wilson's easily.

Jul 16, 2010
MSCS in Greater Boston Area

Retail Coffee Roasters in the Mon-Oc?

It's a bit of a drive, but Smal World Coffee in Princeton is fantastic, and the beans are are roasted the day they ship if you mail order.

Apr 09, 2010
MSCS in New Jersey

Indian Balti

While living in England, I ate (and fell in love with) Balti, an Indian dish cooked/served in a metal bowl and eaten with naan bread. Been looking at the menus at as many Indian restaurants as I can find in the Boston area, and it doesn't seem to appear anywhere around here. Anyone seen it on a menu? I'll drive a bit to get a good one.

Apr 05, 2010
MSCS in Greater Boston Area

The Meat House, Arlington

Be carefull. The Meat House locations outside ME & NH are franchises I believe, and are hit or miss. The quality of meat and helpfullness of the staff are still very good. The big difference for me is the tips. Bigger pieces in more marinade in the northern locations. Less so (so are dryer, less tender, and less flavorfull) in MA. The one in Walpole isn't as good as the northern locations, but the one in Franklin is better.

Meat House
655 Main St, Walpole, MA 02081

Mar 25, 2010
MSCS in Greater Boston Area

Weber Grill questions

There is only 1 grille to buy. And that's a Weber. While I would never cook with anything except charcoal, the Weber gas grilles are outstanding. Don't be seduced by high end names like Viking. Your food will taste better coming off a Weber.

Mar 18, 2010
MSCS in Cookware

Mediocrity in Natick

Two words: Mall Food.

Mar 18, 2010
MSCS in Greater Boston Area

Freds Franks opening soon :-)

Not only are the dogs great, but Fred is great. It's a real treat giving him our lunch business.

Mar 18, 2010
MSCS in Greater Boston Area

Gaithersburg, MD Restaurants

Thanks. We're less likely to go for Asian. The Burmese, Peruvian, Afghan options look interesting because they seem rare.

We love real Mexican (Mole, Pipian, slow cooked, sauce dishes - not burrito joints)

Seafood is also a good choice, as long as it has a mid-atlantic slant to it.

We'd probably drive an hour if the it was worth it. I've read good things about Mannequin Pis & Le Palais.

Gaithersburg, MD Restaurants

Traveling down from Boston this weekend. Can anyone recommend good places in the Gaithersburg area? Looking for a good experience for small family. Nothing extravagant. Something a little unique to the area would be great. We don't have any dietary restrictions, and we're very adventurous eaters.

No chains, please.