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Almond Cake

Very good, but you need to double the amount of almonds - I used 1/2 blanched and 1/2 unblanched.

Jun 02, 2013
pickyme in Recipes

George Morrone in Lalime's

3 months after the last posting, and we had a great, lovely, Berkeley time. It reminded me of what I want to remember about Berkeley restaurants. After the amuse-soupe of broccoli and peccorino, we split the warm olives, the pear/roquefort/treviso salad, the jumbo asparagus with a very custardy aioli and a lemon/ sauce that we had to use our bread for...., lobster cake (eh), scallops (decent), a sort of a farro, with lots of artichoke and lemon cream, and the wonderful carrots. Blah note was the strawberry souffle. Perked up with the maracons. All in all, very satisfying. Silly that it is not always like this - the hot food was actually hot. So remarkable to be surprised.... A perfect chianti as well, the poggiapiano, and at $75 per person, it was a deal and a real pleasure.

1329 Gilman, Berkeley, CA 94706