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Hotel Gelato on Eglinton West

I've enjoyed some of their sorbetto flavours that have more of a tart edge to them - grapefruit, blood orange, for example. Really refreshing when you don't want something too sweet. They'll be great to have on really hot days this summer.

ISO (in search of) coconut ice-cream

I recently had some great coconut popsicles at a friend's place. I asked her where she got them from, and she said she bought them at T&T.

Store that specializes in British goods?

Bath Olivers! I used to get them at Eaton's a very long time ago, way back when Eaton's sold food items, way back when there was an Eaton's. I would love to find them again. Nothing goes better under a nice ripe hunk of Stilton.

Gelato Fresco and Breyer's double churn...

According to their website, the devil's chocolate has 13g of fat per serving, and the OBF has only 2. Perhaps it stands for "zero butterfat", but that's just a guess. You could always email them and ask.

Cheesemongers in TO . . . any hidden gems?

Hi, I'm curious to know - what is it you prefer about Olympic? I find their cheese prices to be consistently higher than Scheffler. Not every item, and not by a lot, but on most of the kinds I would normally buy.

In the past I've been a victim of the sneaky rotate-the-wheel manoeuvre at Olympic. You know, where they line up the knife edge (or wire) to show you how big a wedge they're going to cut, then when they think you aren't looking, they'll drastically reposition the cutting angle to maximize the amount of rind you're getting.

Cheapest place to buy cashews (poor student budget working here!)

I agree with the poster who recommended Noah's, near Spadina and Bloor. I haven't bought cashews there, but I do get walnuts, almonds, and peanuts, all organic. I don't know if the prices are the lowest, but the freshness and quality are excellent.

I avoid the shops on Baldwin in Kensington Market, and the other healthfood stores along Bloor in the Annex. Their prices may be attractive, but I've had major freshness issues with their nuts.

Pumpernickel Bread in Toronto?

Thanks for the recommendation. I visited Harbord Bakery and tried their Black Rye, which was excellent. Good flavour, plenty of coarsely-milled rye, and very dense and chewy.

Harbord Bakery
115 Harbord St, Toronto, ON M5S, CA

Pumpernickel Bread in Toronto?

Thank you very much for the Dimpflmeier recommendation. I know all about their pumpernickel, but I didn't know they had so many other varieties of dark ryes. Something like the Black Forest Rye or the Holzofen Brot might be just the ticket.

I am going to give them a try, but they are really far out there in the west end. I'm still hoping to find something closer to the downtown core.

Pumpernickel Bread in Toronto?

Hi folks, can anyone recommend a local bakery that makes a good pumpernickel? (Preferably near downtown Toronto, a little bit uptown or east/west is ok.) I'm looking for something not quite as dense as traditional German-style pumpernickel, because I find it's not always the best choice for making sandwiches or toast. But still something seriously dense and dark and chewy. Thanks!