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Who makes the best PuPu platter in all the land?

Have you tried Tahiti on Providence Highway in Dedham? Been getting my Friday night after work ribs/fried shrimp/Suffering Bastard combo all summer. The patrons in the lounge around me order the pupu frequently....will have to order one and check it out....this place is a classic for the genre

Grocery food items that are unique to Boston/New England?

Amen, sis! Can't stand those breadbomb other rolls...too much bread, overpowers the filling

Grocery food items that are unique to Boston/New England?

Table Talk Pies, Worcester, MA made
State of Maine canned yellow eye baked beans, mostly NH-Maine supermarkets
Eclipse coffee syrup- I thought I saw it being sold in Roche Bros market, along with the Autocrat coffee syrup- my mom always got Eclipse when we were kids
BandM Baked Beans in those glass baked bean pot replica jars

Banh Mi Ngon opening in West Roxbury next week

Stopped in tonight for a Classic #1, very tasty,asked me if I wanted it spicy, served in under 4 minutes, and they are now open until 8pm. The three generations who run the front counter are all appreciative of feedback, asking where I heard of their restaurant (Chow, natch). The place is starting to pick up didn't stop ringing with to go orders while we munched our sandwiches in the front friend practically inhaled her sardine version. Out of dessert, dammit. The canned soymilk was sweet enough anyway. They are raising prices July 1- definitely going back for more-nice to have banh mi on this side of the city!

Ma Po Tofu (Dofu) adventures

Damn, now I want Ma Po!! Great pic, gotta wipe drool from keyboard...

Hot Dogs: the Definitive List.

Geez....being a Worcester girl, can't help the cravings for George's Coney Island or Hot Dog Annies....always on the lookout for decent dogs, especially if they have a uniqueness to the recipe

looking for buddha's hand

saw them for sale at stop n shop dedham yesterday!

Symphony #8 - the finale

Symphony Cafe is open for the shows only, I believe. Friday afternoon lunch is $21, btw. I'll find out if they put sandwiches out for rehersals....will report back.

Symphony #8 - the finale

I'm surprised by how few people know about Symphony Cafe, located in Symphony Hall . The food is catered by Jules Catering (currently) and is served buffet style. Compared to what's proximitous to the hall, food is decent and can't beat convenience. It can be pricey for some-$34 per person- but lots of other local restaurants charge similarly. I believe seating starts at 5:30, call to make reservations.