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Rockland County best kept secrets..

Taqueria VeraCruz in Suffern - (near the train station)

O Lar in Piermont - (need reservations and place is very small, but great.

name 5 overrated, or over hyped or famous restaurants whose food doesn't live up to reputation

+1 for Magnolia being a let down.

Apr 03, 2012
fitzpth in Manhattan

Need your Vegas Foodie advice for April Convention

+1 on advoiding Carnevino. Thought it was ok, just very expensive

Mar 28, 2012
fitzpth in Las Vegas

Anything good at Outback?

There is one right near my house and my wife and I used to go every once in awhile. Reason being it is reasonable. Understood you are not going to get a Peter Lugar quality steak or the best burger you have ever eater there, but it's passable.

I will say I really like their green bean side. It's pretty buttery and salty and has this BBQ seasoning flavor to it.

Oct 26, 2011
fitzpth in Chains

B & B Ristorante

B&B was good, but pricy and overrated. Had the mint love letters and thought they were average.

Aug 08, 2011
fitzpth in Las Vegas

STEER CLEAR LIST - Worst Meal You've Had in the Last Six Months

I have a feeling I might catch some heat from some folks here, but the Pizza at Eatly was awful. I know what it was supposed to be a bit watery in the center, but this was just too much. I think I had high expectations of this pizza, but between the way too watery center, the bitterness of the crust and the 45min wait to get seated, it was a flop.

200 5th Ave, New York, NY 10010

Jul 11, 2011
fitzpth in Manhattan

Annual Guys Vegas Trip

Went to Mario Batali's steakplace in March, Carnevino. Like all of his places, it was good, not great, and very expensive.

Jun 16, 2011
fitzpth in Las Vegas

Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, and Disgusting

Why are you being such a smart ass? It's not that big of a deal and not that complicated.

If out of the 442 restaurants he visited, 73 are in California, that equates to 16.52%. If you see the data below, that is the most out of all of the states.

State Locations Percentage
Alabama  3 0.68%
Alaska  7 1.58%
Arizona  13 2.94%
California  73 16.52%
Colorado  8 1.81%
Connecticut 7 1.58%
District of Columbia  5 1.13%
Florida  22 4.98%
Georgia  8 1.81%
Hawaii  7 1.58%
Idaho  9 2.04%
Illinois  18 4.07%
Indiana  2 0.45%
Kansas  6 1.36%
Kentucky  6 1.36%
Louisiana  12 2.71%
Maine  5 1.13%
Maryland  8 1.81%
Massachusetts  12 2.71%
Michigan  4 0.90%
Minnesota  19 4.30%
Mississippi 3 0.68%
Missouri  9 2.04%
Nebraska  6 1.36%
Nevada  5 1.13%
New Hampshire  1 0.23%
New Jersey 13 2.94%
New Mexico 10 2.26%
New York  14 3.17%
North Carolina 7 1.58%
Ohio  9 2.04%
Oklahoma  9 2.04%
Oregon  8 1.81%
Pennsylvania 14 3.17%
Rhode Island 4 0.90%
South Carolina 4 0.90%
Tennessee 15 3.39%
Texas  24 5.43%
Utah  7 1.58%
Virginia  7 1.58%
Washington13 2.94%
West Virginia2 0.45%
Wisconsin  4 0.90%
Total 442

Dec 02, 2010
fitzpth in Food Media & News

Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, and Disgusting

16% of the restaurants he visited are in the state of California. That is the most or highest percentage when compared to the other states he has been to. Texas is in a distant second with 5.4%. Check out and see.

This is how California is the most. Actually, to add to your point, if 10% are the places are in NoCal, then it is in the lead of places he visits. (10% Nocal, 6% everyplace else Cal) Texas is still in second place with 5.4%.

I should have been more specific about the list I added.

Dec 02, 2010
fitzpth in Food Media & News

Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, and Disgusting

Taken from the FlavortownUSA website and put into excel. Actually, there are 442 places he has visited, 16.52%, the most, are in California. I am assuming that most of them are in northen California.


State Total Percentage
CA 73 16.52%
TX 24 5.43%
FL 22 4.98%
MN 19 4.30%
IL 18 4.07%

Dec 02, 2010
fitzpth in Food Media & News

Diners, Drive-ins, Dives, and Disgusting

This could be the biggest food snobbery set of postings I have ever read.

I am as much of a food snob as most of the CH world, but what makes me different is I don't think people who are not like me are bad people. I wouldn't be caught dead in a Olive Garden, but I also don't feel like a better person because of it.

I love this show and while I am on the fence with Guy, the show highlights great places to eat across the US, (although most of the places on his show are in Northern California where he lives), not fine dining. Where the average person can get a great meal, not spend a lot of money and act all pretentious like some of the posters on here.

If running down people because they are not as "sophisticated" as you are, makes you feel better about yourselves, you have issues.

Dec 01, 2010
fitzpth in Food Media & News

Asking your friends to pay?

1) No. I would never invite people to my house, cook for them and ask them to chip in. It is bad to ask your frineds to chip in.
2) Why do you think it would be over $400. I think you may be overestimating a bit.

Nov 15, 2010
fitzpth in Not About Food

Be&B or AquaKnox or another restaurant at the Venetian?

I thought B&B was good, but just like Del Posto here in NYC, it is overpriced for just good.

Bouchon is one of my favorite restaurants in Vegas.

3355 Las Vegas Blvd S, Las Vegas, NV 89109

Nov 08, 2010
fitzpth in Las Vegas

Pastrami at Katz's: still good after all these years

Was just there about a month ago and while I thought it was good, I was a little underwhelmed. From the surley service, the tourist vibe, the expense and my wife very average kinish I don't believe I would be returing any timesoon.

Nov 03, 2010
fitzpth in Manhattan

Cheese Platter Help

Epoissess, both mine and Napolean's favorite cheese, goes really well with something sweet due to it's stong flavor. I would go with honey drizzled figs.

Nov 02, 2010
fitzpth in Cheese

Which Chains Do You Respect?

Most chains are awful, but in my opinion, these are good.

Panera Bread
5 Guys

Nov 01, 2010
fitzpth in Chains

Wow! This Broccoli Rabe is...Bitter

I make Broccoli Rabe a lot, it's my favorite. I have experimented a bit, but my Grandmothers recipe is my favorite.

In a pan, I heat olive oil with some garlic and red pepper. Let that cook for a couple of minutes making sure the garlic doesn't burn. I then add the broccoli rabe to the pan with some chicken stock. Place a lid on the pan and cook for a about 5 min. Add salt to taste and you should be good to go.

I have made it with roasted garlic and liked that as well.

Oct 22, 2010
fitzpth in Home Cooking

Best Burger

Agree that White Mana is bettern then White Castle, but I also think they are bigger.

I think best burger in the Tri State.

B&B? Or somewhere else?

I went to B&B last year and while I liked it, I thought it was just like the other Mario Batalli restaurants, overhyped and over priced. I had the mint love letters which I thought were just ok. I did however have a fantastic salad of barratta (sp) cheese and tomatoes and the amuse bouche of chickpea bruschetta was also great.

What about Il Mulino? I ahve been to the one in the Village and it is by far my favorite Italian restaurant.

Jul 12, 2010
fitzpth in Las Vegas

Best Italian

Agree with you on B&B, but the problem I have with Mario Batali restaurants is while they are good, they are very expensive. The pasta is great, as in Del Posto here in NYC, but very expensive.

BTW, the Peking Duck tasting menu is fantastic at Wing Lei.


Mar 16, 2010
fitzpth in Las Vegas

Vegas Report: Bouchon

Ate there a few times and loved it. My favourite meal was the scrambled eggs with a white sausage. Very simple, yet delicious.


Mar 15, 2010
fitzpth in Las Vegas

Best Doughnuts in Vegas

In the Venetian, there is a Boucheon Bakery, right near the entrance from the Palazzo that has great pastry. I picked up two doughnuts that I really liked.

Mar 15, 2010
fitzpth in Las Vegas