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Best steak in Boston area?

For the "Not a Steakhouse" thing and something different I can recommend the Tip Tap Room. I had a phenomenal Antelope Filet there that was out of this world. They offer a game special everyday (check out their facebook page to find out what it is) to go with their regular menu.

For the Steakhouse thing, it's very pricey, but I really enjoy Pellana's in Danvers.

Santarpios Peabody

never been to the eastie location but I was not impressed at all.

Question about Mike Scelfo at Russell House


Question about Mike Scelfo at Russell House

answered my own question after a lot of research...(he was the exec chef when they opened in 2010). Mod's can feel free to delete this thread.

Question about Mike Scelfo at Russell House

strange question, but I was wondering if any of you knew how long Chef Scelfo's been at The Russell House...any help would be appreciated. Thanks

What sets Boston apart as a dining city?


More North Shore MA dining

That's a real shame...Definitely could have used a different store front that fit it's interior and cuisine better. Place was always close to empty the few times I'd been there. Great food though. Wicked Bummah.

And there's some very good to great food on the North Shore. The places mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg

get that damn kale off my eggs bennie

So all in all, this seems like a post telling us that the OP doesn't like kale...told in a manner that sounds like a complaint about a restaurant(OP will probably say it wasn't their intention but that's how it comes off).

Eggs Benedict doesn't come with any vegetables so the OP ordered the Veggie Eggs Benedict. To complain because the veggie wasn't a veggie the OP liked is pretty off-base. If I don't like certain vegetables I'd ask what's on it and not behave as if the restaurant was being ludicrous by having the temerity to pick one I don't like. I certainly wouldn't then go on a food message board and spout off about it in a denigrating manner.

At the end of the day, I hope the Hounds who read this post come away from it saying how great Nancy's is that despite the customer being doing a poor job ordering, they offered a free breakfast to try another time something they might prefer instead. I would definitely check it out if I"m ever in Stow thanks to this thread.

Fried clams, whole ones with bellies, not just strips.

I second Summer Shack as far as fried clams go...some of the best I've had.

8/19/11 TRYST in Beverly: Chef Lost His Muse?

I have not...wife's on bed rest for the past month so haven't been able to make it any further than the Salem Diner. Definitely plan on going at my first opportunity.

Daily Catch

Went to the Daily Catch over at the Seaport last night and I just wanted to report on what a great meal I had. I think the calamari is really so much better then you get at most places and the pasta dishes are top notch. I do want to try the one in the North End one of these days but in case anyone hasn't tried it and are on the fence I think it's a really nice option, particularly when having friends from out of town visiting and wanting to give them a good taste of local seafood in a tourist friendly but not tourist trappy environment.

Craft Beers and Brew Pubs(Is that redundant?)

There are many places offering Cask beer now a days. British Beer Company(many locations), Gulu Gulu tap a cask every thursday night I think, The Pub at Cape Ann Brewing has one just about all the time, and most of the beer bars in Boston should offer it as well, although I'm not sure which ones to be honest.

Craft Beers and Brew Pubs(Is that redundant?)

If your nephew is coming this week then he's in luck as it's North Shore Craft Beer Week. Here's a link to a website for the going ons of it.

For brewpubs in the area, there's The Tap in Haverhill, The Pub at Cape Ann Brewing in Gloucester, 2 Boston Beer works (near Fenway and near the Garden), Salem Beer Works, Portsmouth Brewery, Martha's Exchange in Nasshua, Offshore Ale House on the Vineyard, Gardner Ale House, Wormtown Brewery is attached to Peppercorns in Worcester, Northampton Brewery, Cambridge Brewing Company....I'm leaving out a lot of them but these are all within an hour drive of Boston. You can't go wrong for some great beer at any of these locations. I've personally been to all of these places and have had a good time at all of them.

If he wants to try local beer, then he's coming to a great area for it. As an aside, Oktoberfest starts tonight so look for a good Oktoberfest event this weekend.

Gloucester - Duckworth Bistro or Franklin Cafe?

Sorry I didn't see the request for the explanation in time...hope you enjoyed the Franklin(I'm sure you did)...As for the reason, it's just as simple as liking the food a little better and I really love the half portion options they have for almost everything on their menu, and the half portions are more than generous sizes.

As for some comments on here about Duckworth's being pretentious and inconsistent, I don't think it could be further from the truth, but diff'rnt strokes as Mr. D says.

movie theater with dinner

There's a Fudruckers at the Jordan's IMAX in Reading...not sure about the one in Natick

Seeking Quirky (but special) Restaurant for 15-20

For your idea of the "dinner in the fields kind of thing" the girls at Chive Catering do a really phenomenal job. I would definitely recommend giving them a call.

Karl's Sausage Kitchen - Anyone been to the new store?

Got up there on the first day they re-opened. A few glitches here and there but Bob and Anita both seemed pretty pleased and the place looks great. The sign hadn't made the trip yet but I think it may be up now.

best beef to use to make homemade burgers (moved from Boston) all these burger threads have me guessed it...a burger. I'm gonna try and make it from scratch and was wondering what the best beef to use for grinding my own burger would be. Any suggestions?

edit...found this thread so I guess this is a wasted post...feel free to give any thoughts however

Aug 21, 2012
AngerHeSmiles in Home Cooking

Marblehead's Five Corners Kitchen Has Re-opened at Last! (8/1/12)

interesting...I had friends in town on Sunday Aug. 5th and tried to go to brunch on a Sunday at 11am but they were closed. There was someone setting up inside and he wouldn't even come to the door to explain to us why they were closed. Have to say I was pretty p.o'd particularly since their website states pretty clearly that they should have been open and there was no indication anywhere that they would be closed...even at the restaurant. We were pretty disappointed but ended up at The Pig's Eye in Salem and had a great time.

The Best Veal Parm Around

Best in the area I've had is at The Antique Table on the Lynn/Swampscott border

Will drive for Hawaiian food!

Ohana was excellent though pricey.

Gloucester - Duckworth Bistro or Franklin Cafe?

Duckworth's, but make your reservations now as it's a tough one to get, especially in the summer. The decision may already be made for you.

Regardless, you'll be happy with either place. Franklin is very very good and very very consistent and is probably the best spot in town for special occasions or romantic dinners.

dirt cheap lobster?

where have you seen $1.50 lobster?

Anniversary dinner on the North Shore

it's most likely in the "too far" range but Duckworth's in Gloucester cant be beat

Moved yet again...This time Marblehead

City Grill in Vinnin Square (I think it's still considered Vinnin Square) is a real winner. Don't be put off by the terrible sign out front advertising it as a sports bar as it's almost anything but when you walk in.

Antique Table is near the Swampscott/Lynn border and has great Italian Food (best Veal Parm on the North Shore and some really good personal gourmet pizzas)

My favorite place for pizza is by Salem State at a place called White Dove. It's a convenience store with good NY style pizza, and they have some really nice middle eastern foods such as Shwarma, Lahm bi Ajeen, and house made Hummus, Baba Ganoush, and grape leaves.

8/19/11 TRYST in Beverly: Chef Lost His Muse?

this is a place I've wanted to try for the last 5 years and never got around to it....and now it looks like I never will. oh well

Please critique my itinerary - did LOTS of research - visiting Boston for 5 days and Salem for one of them.

In Salem it would depend on whether you're looking for a quick lunch or a sit down meal. If you're just looking for something real tasty but quick, Scratch Kitchen is terrific and it's right at the corner of Derby and Congress. For a nicer sit down spot, Gulu is ok, but I've never been blown away by the menu. Greenland Cafe has a nice outside patio and a great menu. I'd also give the thumbs up to Cafe Polonia if you're looking for polish food.

I'd skip the wax museum as well and do a walking tour instead, particularly if the weather is nice.

Shwarma- Best Of, and Jerusalem, Garlic 'n Lemons, Falafel King, etc., plus Lamb Kabobs

For those in the Salem/North Shore area looking for a good Shwarma i found a great little convenience store that makes (on top of the best Pizza in the area for the infamous New York Style lovers) a really good shwarma, lahmacun, fresh made baba ganoush, hummus and Tahini. It's called White Dove Market. I have the good people at the blog North Shore Dish to thank for this find.

Best bbq for greater Boston backyard wedding?

Just did take out from BT's on my way home from NJ. Their stuff is top notch. Eating the Brisket for lunch tomorrow.

Are there any tea rooms around?

Heath's Tea Room is a quaint little place in Rockport if you make it up to North Shore ever.