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reasonably priced sushi to impress the out-of-towners

On the way to the Getty Museum in Malibu,  we eyed a funky-looking restaurant sign for SUSHI at Froggy's Market Seafood Restaurant and vowed to go back for dinner.
One would never guess that inside this roadside joint is a pleasant looking big dining room with tall ceilings, big glass windows, beautiful picnic-like tables and a stage that must be the scene of many cool music events.
Determined to have sushi, our group of 7 proceeded to check out the sushi counter where we met Krysztof Janisz, the sushi guy. 
The sushi menu was posted in the front but we decided that Krysztof should just surprise us with 3 platters of sushi.
After a few minutes, our server came with bowls of non-greasy, garlicky edamame and lemony, mildly spicy shishito peppers.  
There was nothing special about the appearance of our first platter of albacore tuna, halibut, yellowtail belly and salmon but with the first bite, I knew that this is what sushi is supposed to be. The perfectly cut and melt-in-your mouth pillows of fish sent me to fish dream heaven.  (I talked to  Krysztof and 
found out that his fish comes fresh from his daily, early morning forays into the LA fish markets! Aha, the secret!)  The sushi rice, packed just right and not so tightly and expertly seasoned with his own rice vinegar brew, was the perfect canvas for the fish.
Although sushi afficionados may want their sushi "pure," our experience with innovative sushi here was a testament to  Krysztof's playful and creative side. 
The next two platters invited oohs and aahs from our table.  There was the Gus-Gus roll (spicy tuna wrapped with tuna, avocado and spicy mayo), and  the Barkley roll (a California roll with albacore tuna and avocado and a mild garlic ponzu sauce), and the baked scallop roll (a California roll topped with diced baked scallops), and the caterpillar roll (eel, shrimp tempura, real not imitation crabmeat and avocado with eel sauce), and the sweet and creamy salmon roll (fresh crab, cream cheese, shrimp tempura topped with seared salmon).
There were also two more traditional hand rolls of spicy tuna and unagi.
There is only one bad thing about the sushi at Froggy's and that is that it is far from the East coast where I live. I will definitely go back for more sushi the next time I'm in LA.  I hope that Krysztof will still be the sushi guy and if he isn't I may just have to see where he goes next.  It was that good!

Froggy's Topanga Fish Markets
1105 N Topanga Canyon Blvd, Topanga, CA 90290

any ideas for a goood restaurant dc 50th birthday party 24 guests without breaking the bank

Hi! $70 a head (including drinks, taxes) is bank breaking for me.
Any leads? Thanks!

any ideas for a goood restaurant dc 50th birthday party 24 guests without breaking the bank

Hi, sorry, about the delay. I am in MD, close to Bethesda, DC

any ideas for a goood restaurant dc 50th birthday party 24 guests without breaking the bank

hello, please, i am desperate...thank you!