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Taco Trucks/Roach Coach/Lunch Wagon

Here I am in SoFla and we have no Taco Trucks. I mean real ones, that move around. We had the Carne Asada truck, the Pastor truck, the fish truck. Each truck had it's best of the best and I can remember having to hit 2 or 3 trucks at lunch back in San Francisco to satisfy everyone.

So, is there a reason-is it illegal, no market, etc....... if you know let us all in on the secret

even out late, night clubs shutting down nothing why?????

Mar 14, 2010
kendoe in Miami - Fort Lauderdale

Taco crazy

Tacos AlCarbon Lake Worth and Military Trail

Long ride but worth it....open 24/7. You can trust me on this, I grew up in CA and used to travel below border a bunch. The best TACOS were in Nasty City (fish) and the Mission District. When in Mexico the question was what is this meat?

Mar 14, 2010
kendoe in Florida