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Taco Trucks/Roach Coach/Lunch Wagon

Here I am in SoFla and we have no Taco Trucks. I mean real ones, that move around. We had the Carne Asada truck, the Pastor truck, the fish truck. Each truck had it's best of the best and I can remember having to hit 2 or 3 trucks at lunch back in San Francisco to satisfy everyone.

So, is there a reason-is it illegal, no market, etc....... if you know let us all in on the secret

even out late, night clubs shutting down nothing why?????

Taco crazy

Tacos AlCarbon Lake Worth and Military Trail

Long ride but worth 24/7. You can trust me on this, I grew up in CA and used to travel below border a bunch. The best TACOS were in Nasty City (fish) and the Mission District. When in Mexico the question was what is this meat?

Mar 14, 2010
kendoe in Florida