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Seriously the best breakfast in SF

Yes sorry that one!

215 Church St, San Francisco, CA 94114

Seriously the best breakfast in SF

Thought I'd share with you my second perfect breakfast at Chow's restaurant on the patio they opened after their recent fire. Both times I had steak quesadillas and skipped the potatoes to add a side of pancakes, one time their blueberry one,this morning the raspberry.

The quesadillas were served with creamy scrambled eggs that tasted as if they had been slow cooked for 30 minutes, creamy guacamole, mild salsa and a tiny sprig of cilantro. The steak was succulent, not at all like the ragged ends you normally get in this type of situation.

The pancakes were sublime both times....light as a feather, the fruit were not only fresh but at the height of their ripeness, melting away on my lips.

Top that off with freshly squeezed grapefruit juice and very smooth cappucino, and you really do have a treat in store. The staff are all friendly.. The price is a little steep at $20 per head, but well worth it to treat yourselves.