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Brunch in a Post-Canteen World

Crud! My wife, son and I are coming to SF next week....were planning on doing Canteen!

Sep 10, 2012
salmotrutta79 in Features

Need SF recommendations for Midwest Hounds cannot beat Sunday brunch at Canteen. But you got to get there at 8:00AM when they open, or you'll be waiting!

Where to buy a pound of coffee?

My wife and I visit SF yearly, start every morning at Cafe Roma........order
6 to 10 lbs of their Sicilian Gold maybe 4 times a year. Real it!

Lobster rolls in SF?

Anchor and Hopes service is spotty at best....but their lobster roll are wonderful!

Canteen: Still My Favorite Brunch

Always do their omelettes....last week I did the gruyere and asparagus omelette. Wifey had the blueberry french toast. OMG!


Whenever the bride and I hit SF we spend 2-3 hrs at Caffe Roma in North Beach, reading the paper, books, doing the xwords....lotsa room to spread out...good coffee....then head down the street to Bocadillos for a great breakfast!

710 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Caffe Roma
526 Columbus Ave, San Francisco, CA 94133

Good chow in Chinatown?

Wife does not do meat....but there are LOTS of seafood choices....thank you!

Good chow in Chinatown?

Thanx! Actually will check out Bocadillos for breakfast while there!

710 Montgomery St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Good chow in Chinatown?

Morning fellow chowhounds! Wife and I are heading into SF next month. Staying at Club to keep a lot of dining options close. Will be dining at Cafe Claude, Belden Place, Perbacco, drinking our coffee at Trieste and caffe Roma. all easy walks. Question wife loves to walk in Chinatown and we are looking for suggestions for dinner there. In the area we have had good meals at Tommy Toys, the Great Eastern and. of course the R and G lounge. Any suggestions?

230 California St, San Francisco, CA 94111

Cafe Claude
7 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108

Great Eastern Restaurant
649 Jackson St, San Francisco, CA 94133

Belden Place
44 Belden Pl, San Francisco, CA 94104

Tommy Toy's
655 Montgomery St., San Francisco, CA 94111

Visiting SF with 3 "food obsessed" daughters in May.

Hey...get out your map and find Claude Lane, near Union Square. My wife and love going to Gitane for drinks there, then walking across the alleyway to Cafe Claude for dinner.

Cafe Claude
7 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108

Gitane Restaurant & Bar
6 Claude Lane, San Francisco, CA 94108

Coffee at Canteen

I have had the coffee at Canteen...indeed it was rather mediocre, but that was the ONLY mediocre thing about Leary's brunch. Magnificent meal!