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Is there better Thai than Sukhothai in Toronto?

She's opening another location downtown, so that may explain her absence in the kitchen. It's at 326 Adelaide W and will be called Khao San Road.

Pulp Kitchen - is it closed for good?

Yes, it's closed for good. The owner posted a message about it on Facebook and there was a sign on the door leading up to the closing. I think the last day was November 23.

Starbucks, corner of Gerrard and Jones - wow

That article is an update of an earlier article, when the Starbucks was just a rumour.

Queen Margherita

I agree with the last two reviews. I've been a few times and found the service and food is not as good as it once was.

Last time I was there my crust was very soggy and wet. I mentioned it to the staff who brought it back to the kitchen. I could see the pizza cook was upset. The waiter brought a replacement and patronizingly tried to explain that the crust wasn't supposed to be crisp but a bit wet. I told him I'd had the pizza before and there's a difference between a moist, chewy crust and sopping wet and soggy.

The desserts are pretty pedestrian. I realize that "gelato" is italian for ice cream but don't call something gelato in an Italian restaurant if it's really something like Breyers. The "market" pies are more "supermarket than market. The neighbourhood is full of amazing bakeries. It's too bad they don't source from them.

I don't think I'll be back unless I hear that things have changed.

Shockingly dissapointed with Sushi Marche

I agree that the quality has decreased significantly. I picked some up tonight after not ordering for a while.

First, quantity wise - the amount of food in my "regular" of the vegetarian dinner and an order of inari was about 30 to 40% less than what it has been in the past. Someone mentioned the inari being overstuffed, but mine tonight were very understuffed. And it was sloppily made and the vegetables tasted like they'd been sitting around for a long time. They were not fresh.

Hopefully things will get better. I'd hate to see them end up serving the equivalent of mall sushi.

Café Florentin, Leslieville

I had a chocolate croissant on Sunday. Not impressed. It was more like a brioche. It wasn't flaky or buttery and had just a bit of chocolate in it. I'll make the trek to Bonjour Brioche for chocolate croissants.

Corktown loses Pete's Cajun Pizza on Parliment

It looks like Pete' may be back. I noticed the sign at a place on Parliament, just north of Gerrard. The sign was on the building and the door was open, like someone was working inside. It's at 415 Parliament. I think the place used to be a shwarma shop. It's the one with the metal rolling security gate on the window.

New burger joint opening at Jones and Gerrard

I agree about the fries. They were limp, soggy and greasy. They formed a huge starchy ball and were pretty gross.

And both times my sister went they forgot to put any toppings on her burger.

New burger joint opening at Jones and Gerrard

The sign outside says it opens tomorrow, Monday March 22.

The hours listed are 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM, 7 days a week. There was no menu or menu board that I could see.

March 15 Toronto Star update on Food Cart Program

The Toronto Star did an update on the Street Food Vendor program. It doesn't look like many of these vendors are doing well and are stuck in a lot of bureaucratic red tape.

Mar 15, 2010
TOveggie in Food Media & News

New coffee bar opening at Jones and Gerrard

Hey thegory thanks for filling in the details. I didn't know that about Mercury. I love their coffee but Grinder is right around the corner from me, so I'll definitely be there.

Agreed that the area could use some new blood. So soon it'll be a veggie burger/onion rings meal at Great Burger followed by an espresso at Grinder!

Can't wait!

New coffee bar opening at Jones and Gerrard

It looks like a new coffee bar is opening up at Gerrard and Galt, just west of Jones. It's pretty much across the street from where the new burger shop, Great Burger Kitchen, is opening. If you know the area, it's where the internet cafe used to be.

So far there's just an "Opening Soon" sign in the window with the name, Grinder, so it's probably weeks away from opening.

Hopefully it'll be as good as the other coffeehouses in the area, saving me the trip to Te Aro and Mercury!