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Hot or Cold tap water for boiling Pasta??

The concern is lead in your water and reducing the amount of lead in the water you consume is important. Therefore, it's recommended that you always flush the tap and always start with cold.

I grew up in a house with hard water where the hot water was softened with salt, so we never used hot water to cook. Turns out this was a good habit for me to form!

If you want the pot to boil faster, cover it with a lid, but use cold water for health and taste.

Dec 28, 2013
ThatMary in General Topics

Best Pizza in Buenos Aires?

Siamo nel Forno in Palermo Hollywood!
I went to this pizzeria just 3 weeks after they opened in 2010. It was one of the best meals of our trip.
And SUCH A GREAT STORY!! The owner and chef, Nestor, had been a brass bolt machinist and hated it. He loves pizza, so he began studying on his own. Nestor took his vacations and went to the famous pizza cities in the world and trailed. He then opened Siamo nel Forno.

Delicious thin crust pizza in the Neopolitan style (bubbly, slightly charred crust, simple toppings). I am heading back to BA this April (2012) and cannot wait to return and see how they are thriving.

How Do You Clean an Olive Oil Bottle?

For any narrow bottle or vase I use an effervescent denture cleaner (ie Efferdent, only I buy the drugstore brand).

You may want to try vinegar with lots of coarse salt and shake that to use as an abrasive, then use the denture cleaner, letting it sit overnight.

Jun 15, 2010
ThatMary in Cookware

Ethiopian Food in NYC? Preferably Manhattan?

Ghenet is definitely the best. I too, was disappointed that the SoHo location closed, but the Brooklyn spot is very conveniently located by the R train at Union Street. And anyhow, isn't everyone moving to Brooklyn now? Uptown, there's another Awash as well, on Amsterdam near 106th Street.

Mar 13, 2010
ThatMary in Manhattan