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Rolled Egg

I agree with Viking. This is an omelet recipe. A classic omelet has no filling.

Sep 29, 2010
psfoodlvr in Recipes

The Microwave's Amish Connection

As a person currently living close to the Amana colonies, I will say that their roots and traditions - though similar to the Amish in German origins, communal living and ascetic lifestyle - are not Amish. As best as I can tell, the communities have not been especially adverse to technology: the woolen mill has an enormous electric mill and weave, not to mention their innovations in appliances. But readers might be interested to know that the Amanas are much more than a chain of scented candle shops. They are also home to a wonderful brewery, traditional butcher and smokehouse (who can find one of those anymore?), several wineries, bakeries, and produce stands that provide locally produced goods. There's still some kitsch, but I would strongly recommend anyone passing through to visit and get a pint of anything at Millstream, after cruising through the rest of the colonies and taking in the local fare.

Sep 08, 2010
psfoodlvr in Features

Greek Yogurt, Separation, and Honey

The sugar in the honey is hydroscopic, which means that it likes to suck up water from things much like salt. The honey caused this separation by drawing the water out from the yogurt. It really causes no damage to the yogurt (other than making it a little unsightly). Just stir it up and eat it. You won't get that nice contrast between the tangy yogurt and the sweet ribbons of honey, but it will still be good (speaking from experience).

Mar 12, 2010
psfoodlvr in General Topics