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Good Restaurant for Rehearsal Dinner?

It would be on a Saturday. Most places we've talked to don't charge for the room if you have a certain amount of people and the places we've seen on the westside are between $30-$35 per head including non soda and coffee but not tip. So I was just wanting some more suggestions in case I'm blanking.

I'll probably have to make a compromise but we checked out:
C&O-would have to share a room and there is a 2 hour limit
Beechwood-Not very kid friendly

Primativo-Private room is a bit small
Border Grill-Too expensive

Mar 12, 2010
jayhawk13310 in Los Angeles Area

Good Restaurant for Rehearsal Dinner?

Looking for a decent restaurant in LA proper to have a rehearsal dinner for 40-50 people. Would prefer a place with a private room and cost around $30 per head.

Anyone been to any place that fits the bill or have any suggestions. I live in Venice and have been scouring the earth but most places don't have a private room or it costs and arm and a leg for a prix fixe menu. Not looking to get hosed 2 nights in a row:)


Mar 11, 2010
jayhawk13310 in Los Angeles Area