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Heads up.
Fuzzy's Taco shop is about to open in Richardson, their first in the area. Lots of folk may be familiar with them already. They seem only to open up around college campuses. Their tacos may be debatable, but their hot sauce is worth risking jail time to steal!

Knife sharpening

For those of you north of the loop, there's a guy who runs a small cuttlery shop in The Shops at Willow Bend, called the Cutlery Collection. He charges $1 an inch for sharpening and does a great job. He's the only game around for us up here in the north forty.

Eastbound Casino Eats

OK, DFW hounds!

Where's the best eatin' at the Shreveport casinos??

'Fess up now! I know y'all been to ever last one of 'em!

Mar 12, 2010
TootinRamen in Central South

BBQ North Dallas - 635 and 75 area

I must chime in and agree about Spring Creek BBQ.
DEF said it best:


As is their Tex-Mex joint in NRH. I forget the name, but it, too, is laughable.