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Blossom in the UWS

It appears that Blossom will be opening a "cafe" on the UWS. The new location will replace the recently closed Funky Diner on Columbus btw 82 and 83. From their website it looks like they want to take advantage of the UWS brunch crowd. I for one look forward to seeing if they can translate their quailty veggie dinner menu into a decent brunch. Anyone have any inside info on the new location and what to expect compared to the Chelsea location?

Aug 22, 2007
nld2thx in Manhattan

Vegetarian takes Manhattan

Ditto on Zen Palate. We used to order take-out from their UWS location pretty regularly. After they closed down their UWS location, we tried the Theater District location... Bad. Period. We will not eat ZP ever again. The curry was watery and the faux meat croquettes were barely cooked. Both bordered on inedible. Of course we had some foodie friends from San Francisco with us and were thoroughly embarassed that we had thought so higly of ZP in the past. We don't know what changed, but it was horrible enough to prevent us from ever returning again.

Jul 30, 2007
nld2thx in Manhattan

What's the worst (nice) restaurant you have been to?

Agreed on Neo Sushi. They tried to market "white salmon" as very rare on their menu- and charged way too much for it. If one likes to eat over-priced farm-raised salmon deceptively marketed, then this may be alright. But, for those who enjoy wild salmon it is worth noting that all farm raised salmon have white flesh until they are fed a type of phytoplankton ( a dinoflagellate) which naturally contains "red" pigments. Wild salmon are naturally pink in color because they consume such phytoplankton. Because dinoflagellates are so wide spread in salmon feeding grounds, it is impossible for a wild salmon's flesh to be white.
I wish we had left when I saw the deceptive menu description - we didn't and the sushi was barely edible.

Jul 30, 2007
nld2thx in Manhattan