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Newport, RI - Need help with the name of a restaurant?

Black Pearl or 22 Bowens?

Fairfield County - Duck Dinner

No disagreements re: 99% of the other dishes. Their fried oyster app is very good; coupled with the duck, it makes for a solid -- albeit artery clogging -- meal. My opinion was colored by the fact I had both on my first trip and left happy. That said, I've been several times, and those are they only dishes I've liked. My wife has never liked anything she ordered, but we really wanted to like the place after having great meals at its sibling Ruby's in Rye.

Fairfield County - Duck Dinner

1020 Post in Darien has a solid dish -- 2 legs confit served w/ brussels sprouts and bacon.

Rehearsal dinner Rye-New Rochelle NY

Tarry Lodge in Port Chester can do private events on the second floor for up to 70:

New Mexican in SoNo

Was hearing rumors that a new Mexican place (same owners as Lolita in Greenwich) was to open on Washington St. Drove by some place that could've been it, but didn't get a good look. Anyone have any intel? Thanks.

SoNo Baking Co., Norwalk, CT, What's good?

The Monkey Bread is insanely good, but they tend to sell out early in the day. Was in there yesterday and they said they'll start making apple-centric things this week...which are always solid.

Help us with ideas for one overnight trip - 2 hour radius from Hartford

The Mayflower Inn in Washington Depot, CT is fantastic.

Scena in Darien, CT

Open yet? Anyone been?

Restaurants by Boat on the Southern CT River

My family and I used to go for the Sunday Brunch years ago, and it was great. We tried again last year, and there were literally busloads of people in there attacking the buffet as though the Apocalypse was coming. One rather portly fellow told me to "go F myself" when I politely pointed out that it's customary to go to the back of a line, not cut in as he sees fit.

And the food sucked. They used to have great fried chicken, and proper versions of New England classics. Now it's basically a sub-par diner menu displayed in hotel pans.

That said, it might be better at any time other than brunch, and the new wine bar looks very nice.

italian hero in hartford

let's just go with "elongated sandwich"

italian hero in hartford

Allegro Cafe, a storefront just down Franklin Ave. is also great (for grinders and otherwise).

Driving on I-91 in Massachusetts

We always used to stop at BIlly's in Greenfield, MA. Looks like your stuck in the Brady Bunch's kitchen, but the prime rib was decent and served quickly.

Cobb's Mill Inn, Weston, CT, shutters its doors

Not 100% certain it's been in continuous operation, but the Griswold Inn in Essex opened in 1776...

Griswold Inn
36 Main St, Essex, CT 06426

Stamford-- dinner rec's for special occasion?

Does it have to be in Stamford proper? How about Thomas Henklemann in Greenwich?...

Stamford - Any hidden gems?

Columbus Park Trattoria is great. Market has been getting good press rcently, but I haven't been yet.

Columbus Park Trattoria
205 Main St, Stamford, CT 06901

Are there any real Italian restaurants in Fairfield county?

J -- i agree with most of what you post, but I think you're wrong on this. I think it's fairly clear that TL's and Babbo's dishes are conceived by the same chef, albeit made more accessible. I know it's only one example, but the brasato at TL is straight off the Babbo menu.

And I don't think your comparing Andy Nusser to his former sous is a fair parallel; Nusser opened Babbo and brought the same skill set to TL (I don't know anything about the former sous).

To be clear, I don't think TL is in the same league as Babbo (though they're both tougher to get into than a Pearl Jam concert in 1994), but I think it's as close as you're going to get in the 'burbs.

Are there any real Italian restaurants in Fairfield county?

I think you're going to need to cross the border in Port Chester and go to Tarry Lodge. Chef is formerly of Babbo and the pastas are basically Babbo-esque dishes (though I think toned down for a more suburban crowd).

River Cat Grill -- Closed for good

Anyone know why River Cat in Rowayton has shuttered?

Good Vietnamese places in CT?

100% agree re: Lotus. Been going there for years. Consistently delicious.

Delivery in Rowayton (Norwalk)

Any good places deliver in Rowayton? Type isn't as important as quality. Little Thai Kitchen is solid, but getting bored of it. Can't seem to find good pizza/Italian or Chinese...or American, for that matter. I'm fairly new to town, so could be missing something.