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buffalo wings in CT

I'm a big fan of Delaney's wings in New Haven. The buffalo wings are spicy and free during happy hour. The beer deals are good during happy hour too so with the combo of free wings and beer you can't go wrong! Although I wouldn't consider them crispy so not your preferred style.

Mexican - New Haven, CT

That's true about La Carreta being a tiny take-out place, but good take-out can always be convenient in a pinch. I do stick with what I said about the food and it's quality though. I'm sure it isn't the greatest mexican place around but I would still recommend it.

Mexican - New Haven, CT

I would really recommend La Carreta in New Haven on State Street if you've never been. The burrito deals are pretty great, 6 bucks even for a jam-packed heavy duty burrito. Very tasty. They make plates as well that are mighty good and right around the same price range. However, I'm a die-hard burrito fan so that's why I usually stop there.