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Thinking of Leaving SF for Berkeley or Oakland. Crazy?

Don't forget the Elmwood! Start Grocery is a phenomenal grocery and Nick, the owner, will pretty much stock what you need if you're going to come buy it! They produce there is primarily from the farmers who deliver on their way to the various farmer markets. And Toby runs Star Meats and runs a clean and great counter (the sandwiches are good too with bread from La Farine). I have ventured in there uninspired many a night to be coached through what ends up being a family favorite - grilled flat iron steak with smashed potatoes, butterflied chicken and asparagus....
And on College Ave. you find Ici where people actually wait in line as much as 45 minutes for ice cream, or Summer Kitchen (blue bottle coffee, killer sandwiches, and more) and the new Elmwood Cafe recently opened in the old Ozzie Soda Fountain and Elmwood Pharmacy spot. And of course there are numerous restaurants there too - Indian, Mediterranean, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Middle Eastern, and donuts (everybody needs one sometimes).
And of course the Cheeseboard and Chez Panisse and so many others.
And there are so many CSA sites that you can get great values on vegetable boxes delivered right near you. Check out Full Belly's website and find a spot near you. We ate delicious broccoli and swiss chard with meyer lemon vinaigrette all compliments of the vegie box.
Happy move!