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Hmong Village

I recommend the steamed catfish in banana leaf at "Santi" near one end of the row. Filled with herbs, lemongrass, etc and the filet has no bones. Their version of the pepper condiment that comes with it is amazing -- almost tastes like chocolate.

Hmong Market: current favorites?

At the Eastside market, I highly recommend the steamed catfish (wrapped in banana leaf) at the Santi stall. The catfish is all meat (no bones) and is filled with herbs and is almost gelatinous in texture. The pepper sauce it comes with is amazing -- it's hard to describe but it's a thick paste (not a liquid/fish sauce) and tastes almost like chocolate. Santi is near one end of the row.

MSP: Best Vietnamese?

whoops -- on further research, I think the correct spelling is "Ai Hues" (with an i instead of an l) Love the place.

MSP: Best Vietnamese?

There is a superb Vietnamese hole-in-the-wall restaurant on University that seems to get little love from the larger food community: Al Hues Bakery and Deli. It's literally behind Krua Thai on University, just west of Little Szechuan. They do a whole range of Vietnamese soups beyond the typical pho and sea food soups -- the menu seems to go deeper then a lot of the standards found in most local restaurants. They have a great duck leg soup with a ginger dipping sauce that's great. I also love the Hue-style spicy soup, which comes with fatty beef that hits the spot. The broth for the various soups is really fresh and well-done. On the weekends, it's mobbed by the Vietnamese community. Equal to Saigon and better than Quang's, Jasmine, Pho Tau Bay, etc. in my opinion.