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Koko Share Bar in Yorkville

I went to Koko last weekend and was a bit disappointed. I've heard a lot about them and even saw them at the Wine and Spirits festival in the Distillery District but perhaps I was expecting too much.

I ordered the Spicy Chirashi and my friend ordered the Kalbi Beef Ribs. We went for lunch and the prices were very reasonable (something like $10 for hers and $12 for mine, including a really good miso soup and salad). We also ordered a rainbow roll to share. While we were waiting, the server graciously brought us a plate of edamame (very good with a hint of lemon) on the house. Everything was very good, except for my dish. The "Spicy Chirashi" was just diced (yes, diced) peices of fish mixed together on a bed of firm, unsatisfying sushi rice with a spicy dipping sauce. Gross! Granted, the dices of fish were tasty, but it would have been MUCH more delicious had there been slices of fish. Even if the fish was seperated and not thrown together as if I'd gotten the "end" pieces from some left over meals. When I asked the waiter about it after our meal, he said that only their spicy chirashi had chopped fish like that. Maybe their regular chirashi is better? I do NOT recommend trying their spicy chirashi with diced fish... make sure to ask for slices of sashimi like a regular chirashi!

Granted, other than that the ambiance and decor was lovely. Also, I didn't try my friend's Kalbi beef, so that could have been outstanding. And stay away from their "infused" shochu. Bleh. Just have a cocktail if that's what you want.

I might try it again because it's reasonable, in a great location, a beautiful restaurant, and their rainbow roll was okay..... but I don't think I'd go out of my way to eat here again.

Asian Markets in Toronto

Thanks!!! Fresh tofu sounds awesome, I'll check it out this weekend!

Asian Markets in Toronto

Hey All,

I recently moved downtown from the GTA, and I'm looking for some quality Asian markets that are accessible by TTC in Toronto. Anything comparable to T&T (Chinese), Galleria (Korean) or J-Town (Japanese)? I'm dying for a fresh market that can give me the supplies for some good Asian food!


Sushi in the PATH

For a recent opinion, Acko lounge is fantastic! Fresh, spectacular fish and not as pricey as Ki. A wonderful chirashi lunch for $15 is a great price, especially for the quality.

there must be one good restaurant in Niagara Falls!?

Copacabana Brazilian Steakhouse isn't bad. It's a lot of meat, but most of it is fairly tasty. There were only a few meat options that I wasn't a fan of, and it's a fun experience to boot. It's a bit pricey, but it's right by the main strip so it's also convenient. Make sure to book reservations, as they fill up quickly.

Niagara-on-the-lake is the spot to be for awesome home-grown restaurants though (unfortunately!). If you get the chance, Stone Road Grille is absolutely delightful! Mouth watering food in a random location with a fun vibe. I just tried looking for their website, but it seems under construction right now. Good luck!

Markham Peking House

Just tried to find out more info. They haven't closed, they've just renamed themselves. Royaljelly was right, they're now called King of Kings and can be reached at the same phone number/location: 905-479-0818.

Going tonight to try their peking duck, so I'll post my thoughts afterwards! I'm a die hard Chung King fan, and I've been going there for the past 10 years so hopefully they stand up to their peking standards!