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Where can I buy Charms Sour Balls in NYC?

While Economy Candy ROCKS old school sweets, according to their web site they are with Charms Sour Balls. I do recommend a visit though, they don't post everything & the inventory will blow your mind!
Happy hunting!

Economy Candy
108 Rivington St, New York, NY 10002

Aug 30, 2010
C2Patsy in Manhattan

Recent Baltimore Crab house info

Good to hear, I was there in 1998? was searching for info on them and read some not so good posts from 2005, sorry to have missed yours; Thanks! Thanks bmore flavor for the listing too.

Recent Baltimore Crab house info

I've been reading the posts about the classics like Obrykis; Harris & Bo Brooks only to notice that the postings are mostly from 2005. Can I bring this question to 2008? Any recommendations for what is now the Top Crab house in town?

NY City Center + inexpensive?

My mid town default is John's pizza (260 West 44th St) or Carmine's 200 West 44th street
- but Carmine's is only worthwhile if you have a big group as it is family style

Nov 21, 2007
C2Patsy in Manhattan

First visit to Katz's

Amen to you both, it's NOT a chain I've just read the whole string of postings & nobody mentioned the turnstiles? I haven't been to Katz's in a couple years & right now I'm really bummed I have Thai food for lunch but I've learned not to read Chow while hungry! Go to Katz's, get the pastrami & the noodle knugle for your wife & a knish, why are people down on the Katz knish?

Nov 21, 2007
C2Patsy in Manhattan

Did She Really Just Say That?

I think I'm going to head home, crack open a bottle of vino & pop in "Home for the Holidays" and relaize how great I have it!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov 21, 2007
C2Patsy in Features

Must I Refuse Free Booze?

I realise I am about a month late to this party but the posting was a nice break in my work day.
A few points from a NY'r who travels internationally, a lot, for business. On the isle of Manhattan, if out with your group, it is a bit like the UK, whoever is in need of a drink and going to fetch checks if anyone else is in need. It all comes out in the wash as they say.
Buying a drink for a total stranger is common place; most bartenders ask before mixing & pouring so I completely agree with BBG (as hard as it is for a Yankee fan to agree w/anything Boston right now, but that's another blog), a good bartender makes all the difference. Having also been a bartender I have seen the purchase of drinks used to diffuse arguments (ironic) 2 strangers fighting over a score or RBI stats, etc.; friend of one steps in & offers to buy drinks for the 2 so they can agree to disagree, shake & place nice.
Moving on to the reason I decided to jump into the fray here:
Situation: You & 3 friends are out to dinner; Man comes to table, shakes hands w/one friend, been so long... great to see you... how've you been...; barkeep, set my friends over here up; great thanks! Good to see you stay in touch, returns to his end of the bar to his 2 companions.
Background: turns out this man is my friend's Union boss boss;
Drinks come; bartender puts them down with compliments of Homer Simpson (well done barkeep); we turn, toast a Thank you Homer! and spend 5 minutes discussing whether we should return the favour or not.
In big cities like NY this can become almost like a tennis match; they buy, we return, they return, we return, until you're all on the floor & nobody can pay the tab!
So Chow'ers what's your take?

Oct 25, 2007
C2Patsy in Features

Long Beach Island, NJ?

Lots of great recommendations; I've been trying to hunt down web sites for the actual restaurants, some exist some don't. Anybody know if places like the Chicken & the Egg or Uncle Will's Pancake house are open off season? I look forward to grilling every meal on the deck it would be nice to learn that some of these classic favorites are still open in October.

Jul 30, 2007
C2Patsy in New Jersey

Doggy Bag Dilemma

I do agree that in a business setting asking for leftovers to go is inappropriate. As a NY'er I always take my leftovers and give them to the first homeless person I see, I've rarely traveled more than 5 minutes carrying my "doggie bag". If this was a deal breaker on a date I'd be glad to rid of that person sooner than later.

Jul 30, 2007
C2Patsy in Features