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lunch in Olympia

Drove down to Portland from Seattle this weekend and stopped in Olympia twice; on the way down for dinner and the way back for lunch.

On the way down we stopped at Curry Corner at the recommendation of the boards -- we found it to be good, solid indian food. I'd heard the food was not at all spicy, so I almost went for the medium. I ultimately chickened out and went for the mild, and am glad I did; it had some definite kick. Service was good. I would definitely go back!

On the way back we stopped at Kitzel's Deli, which we hadn't seen mentioned elsewhere. We split a reuben ("The Tibor") with a side of potato salad. The reuben was great (the potato salad was not), the cashier was very friendly, and the place is nicely quirky (though they were out of water and forks). After lunch at Kitzel's we walked over to Wagner's European Bakery. The service at Wagner's was grumpy and full of sighs, and the pastry (an eclair) was just OK.
Ultimately I think Wagner's doesn't warrant a return trip, but I'd stop at Kitzel's again for a deli sandwich.

Jun 24, 2012
veverka in Pacific Northwest

Naples Pizza on Whidbey Island

Just came back from a trip to Whidbey Island. We ordered a pizza to split and the mussels. Pizza was pretty good -- crust was great, just a little soggy in the center. The mussels were terrible. Most were cracked or closed, and none of them were cleaned well. The staff was very friendly though, so I would probably go again, but I'd stick to pizza.

Aug 14, 2011
veverka in Pacific Northwest

Motley Crew Seeks One-Night-Only South Beach Eats!

Thanks all for your recs! Unfortunately, our crew had some major logistical issues that night (besides dinner) and we couldn't get out to south beach. In the end, we went to a place called Carino's, I think, by the airport. It was not something I'd repeat, though the service was very good and the picky eaters were satisfied.

Should it ever be attempted again, I'll try out one of the Lincoln Rd. recs.

Motley Crew Seeks One-Night-Only South Beach Eats!

So. My fiance, parents, brother, brother's girlfriend, and Aunt are all going to be in Miami for one night only. We are all out-of-towners.

Dad wants to be in South Beach. I believe he wants to Check Out The Scene.
Mom wants to be in South Beach. She likes anything sleek metropolitan feeling.
Fiance wants a good beer, and is allergic to seafood. He prefers vegetables, but eats meat.
Brother has only ever been witnessed eating steak. Very picky eater, weird vegetables will be poked with disdain. Fancy-schmancy makes him roll his eyes.
Brother's girlfriend is not 21, but is the least picky of the group. God bless you.
Aunt is a laid-back casual artist type (and only actual Floridian in the group). She will likely arrive dressed as such.
I would like this crazy awesome 7-person (8? Aunt's boyfriend will join if he's not out-of-town for work) dinner to be at or under 30$ pp (before drinks/tax/tip). Distant second to that I am a foodie, and prefer veg/meat to grains/pasta.

God Help Us.

Basically we're looking for "as nice/hip as possible without being "nice" "hip" or charging for either. please serve booze and beef and be in south beach."

So far all I've got is Joe's Stone Crab or Meat Market. Will either of those work? Will anything work?

Oh goodness.

Joe's Stone Crab
11 Washington Ave, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Meat Market
915 Lincoln road, Miami Beach, FL 33139

South Beach Cafe
121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Weekend in Victoria, late March. Suggestions?

I'm planning to take my boyfriend up to Victoria for his 30th birthday at the end of March -- neither of us have ever been. We'll be arriving on a Friday before lunch and leaving early on a Sunday, traveling by ferry. We like low-key and unique/funky places where we can hear each other, and are suckers for any place with a view. Divey is OK with us! He loves good Indian food (I've heard there's no good indian in victoria?!), but he's also a fan of thai, turkish, middle eastern, Central American and italian.
We're not big drinkers, but we'll probably want to find a cozy pub for a beer/cider and nibbles at some point. If anyone has a recommendation for where to find good cheesecake (his favorite), I'd love to hear that as well!

Here's what's on the hit-list so far:

Hernandez (is this only open weekdays?)
Zap Thai or Baan Thai?
The Bengal House (I've heard this place is 'ok' -- is it worth it? expensive? are we better off with thai?)
The Mint (is this just a snack/drinks place, or do they have desserts?)
Any turkish or middle eastern suggestions?

Shine, Blue Fox Cafe or Lady Marmalade for breakfast

He's very interested in having afternoon tea while we're up. I'm considering White Heather and The Blethering Place, but would gladly brave the crowds and the cost for tea at the Empress if the view was worth it. Other suggestions would be greatly appreciated. And, excuse the ignorance, but is this something we should be dressed for, or are jeans and a t-shirt OK for tea?


Mar 08, 2010
veverka in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)