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Malt question: Horlick's vs. malt extract vs. Carnation

I've tried Carnation, Horlicks and Eden Organic Barley malt (purchased to add to dough for making a real bagel flavor).

HORLICKS is wonderful....exactly the super flavor from my yut (youth). Excellent malty flovor, smooth and tasty with or without ice cream added. Carnation is some kind of wierd thin, flavor. Strange, because I recall Carnation malteds as being very good many years ago. Perhaps it's gone down the same sad path as Ovaltine which was origninally, supposedly a healthy blend put together for TB patients who needed intense nourishment in a tasty mix.

I tired adding sugar and Splenda and ice cream to Carnation...but nothing did it. The sticky liquid had malt flavor but not as I recall it. It is dark color, so I've got to go find light color.

The ONLY problem with Horlicks is that it is EXPENSIVE. The only place I found it was shipped in from England in fairly small containers. (But ohhh now delicious once it was opened and mixed.)

I wonder what the places that still serve "malts" use.

Mar 08, 2010
albertkarel in General Topics