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Affordable, vegan friendly restaurants in SF or East Bay area?

Burma superstar is very vegan friendly-

Downtown Oakland Lunch Spots [split from Stag's Lunchette thread]

FYI, they no longer do Bento Boxes, but are working on opening a restaurant, not sure where/when

Shishitos at Skool

Yes, they can get very hot, if not picked early enough!

June 2014 San Francisco Bay Area Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

I work near there and have been to Ms Ollie's and Cosecha multiple times, love them both. My favorite at Ms Ollie's is of course the fried chicken, but everything I have tried there is excellent. My fave at Cosecha is the the pozole- best I've ever had.

Weight Watchers Foodies -- The August 2014 Challenge Edition! [Old]

weighed in my third week- lost the second week 1.4 lbs, stayed exactly the same this weigh in- no loss, no gain. have been religiously tracking my points....and seeing I need to exercise! I can't seem to stay within 26 points! so I have been increasing my exercise. Lots of lifestyle changes! Hopefully tracking and increasing my exercise will have a positive effect on the scale!

Aug 05, 2014
karenfinan in Home Cooking

ethnic markets in EB (esp Afghan/Indian)

Santos in San Leandro has all things Indian- including fresh produce.

Weight Watcher's Foodies -- The H H H Edition! July 2014 [OLD]

Long time lurker on this thread- I have just rejoined weight watchers after regaining 16 of the 40 lbs I lost :-(. Was down 1.4 lbs my second meeting, so off to a good start. I am trying to be very honest and faithful in my tracking of my food. This thread is great for inspiration! I am working hard to get back to eating lots more veggies, not letting myself get hungry so that I eat too much of the wrong stuff, and cooking good healthy food. I live in the bay area which is good and bad- best produce and most variety, but also so many great places to eat out! I just purchased a scale to help me be accurate with portions and I was actually surprised that I was pretty good at guesstimating.
So I will try and participate regularly here and look forward to lots of inspiration and good recipes!

SF Dish of the Month (July 2014) - Nominations/Voting

Rio in Preservation Park in Oakland also has a tasty version.

Movie: Spinning Plates

I know it has been talked about in the Chef thread, but I thought it deserved it's own thread. I watched it today, and I really enjoyed it. The differences in the three restaurants, the owners- their resources, perspectives, and communities was fascinating. Love to discuss it with others.

Jun 14, 2014
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Two nights in Chico

Very helpful, thanks

May 20, 2014
karenfinan in California

Two nights in Chico


May 20, 2014
karenfinan in California

Two nights in Chico

I will be spending two days in Chico for work- I searched the boards, and there wasn't anything posted in the last couple years. Any recs for dinners, causal good food?

May 20, 2014
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The Last Great Bastion of Racism

I was going to say the same thing, most of the places I go to in Oakland have mixed clientele it is very refreshing, and I think it is the exception, not the norm.

May 19, 2014
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Best Friday Night Happy Hour in Uptown Oakland

Good to know

Regional Chinese roundup 1.0 (early 2014)

what about Golden Lotus in Oakland Chinatown? I am not well versed in Chinese Vegetarian cuisine, but I love this place

Best Friday Night Happy Hour in Uptown Oakland

lovely! thanks, this seems like a good suggestion

Best Friday Night Happy Hour in Uptown Oakland

thanks, we already have plans for Hopscotch and Pican...Mua seems too loud for me, based on reviews

Best Friday Night Happy Hour in Uptown Oakland

It's my birthday, and I want to do a little pub/restaurant crawl- any suggestions?

Slow Cooker Pasilla Pulled Chicken

those are poblano peppers, pasillas are the dried version

Apr 28, 2014
karenfinan in Features

Posole - SFBA Dish of the Month April 2014

I had the posole from Cosecha yesterday for lunch, and I have to agree with Patricia Unterman! It was so,so good. Balanced flavors, wonderful broth, I will be getting this on a regular basis from now on. I would never had tried it if not for dish of the month!

Cheese stores in South Bay (and 680 corridor)

My experience is that they love to talk about the cheeses they have and are generous with samples. I am not particularly knowledgable about most of the cheeses they sell, and they have been very good about asking what type I am looking for, making suggestions, and giving as many samples as I want.

Cheese stores in South Bay (and 680 corridor)

I second this, they have a lovely selection, knowledgeable staff, and the quality is pretty impeccable I think it is a real gem

What to do with Self-rising flour?

Yep, biscuits!

Mar 01, 2014
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Dinner in Salinas this Saturday?

Love the Pinnacles! And love the molcajete at CASA del Sazon

Feb 19, 2014
karenfinan in California

Dinner in Salinas this Saturday?

So where'd you go?

Feb 18, 2014
karenfinan in California

Restaurant recommendation in Jacksonville

I really love Orsay and 13 Gypsies

Feb 15, 2014
karenfinan in Florida

mark bittman piece on tipping

I am unaware of any laws forbidding sharing tips, can you provide any laws stating this?

Large Indian Grocery Stores like 99 Ranch, etc.?

Santos spice in San Leandro is a large retail Indian store - despite the name- and wholesale warehouse in San Leandro

SF Dish of the Month (February 2014) - Nominations/Voting


Shrimp and Grits - SF Dish of the Month January 2014

Cheese grits are very common, but with a sharp cheddar, not mascarpone, it seems that would be a very different taste, not bad, but very different