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Jax -excellent restaurant

I have not tried it, but I too have heard great things about it.

Apr 06, 2015
karenfinan in Florida

Jax -excellent restaurant

Check out Orsay, or 13 Gypsies, both are excellent, and would hold their own in SF Bay area. I wonder what you are looking for, since you mention chains.

Apr 01, 2015
karenfinan in Florida

Lunch in Jacksonville ? Foxes, 13 gypsies or metro diner

Depends on what you like. Metro is a high volume diner with fair to decent food. Fox is a modern take on old school southern food, and 13 Gypsies, by far my favorite of the 3 is high quality tapas.

Mar 29, 2015
karenfinan in Florida

NYT Mark Bittman finds the Monterey Market. [Berkeley, Ca]

Hilarious! Thanks for the link

Where to find Tazah brand harissa in a jar in SF Bay area?

There is a fairly new Middle Eastern store on Webster in Alameda-Al Jezeer, I don't know if they carry this brand of Harissa, but they have a good selection, and the owners are very friendly and gracious, they might order it for you.

Waitress at Elmwood Cafe Berkeley makes racist assumption

Can you imagine what he must have felt- he is standing there, talking to his wife and her friends, and a staff person bangs on the window and tells him to leave- if it isn't based on his skin color- then what? Casual clothing as some have suggested? really??

Waitress at Elmwood Cafe Berkeley makes racist assumption

You mentioned that you and he dress in a similar fashion- has this ever happened to you?

Waitress at Elmwood Cafe Berkeley makes racist assumption

How the heck do you know how much he spends on clothing? Or grooming? Do you know him? Are you close personal friends??? I also didn't see sexism in Bell's remarks, and I'm pretty sensitive to that.

Waitress at Elmwood Cafe Berkeley makes racist assumption

Bell said, when he was there earlier eating, a white, dreadlocked man was panhandling for over an hour and no one spoke to him, or asked him to leave. If the server thought Bell was accosting the group of women, she could/should have walked up and asked if he needed anything. It would have given the women a way to comment if he was unwelcome, and not caused any problems, if as in this case, he belonged there.

Waitress at Elmwood Cafe Berkeley makes racist assumption

Very unfortunate incident at Elmwood Cafe in Berkeley. Wonder if this waitress will keep her job.

Po' Boy @ The Chef and Her Farmer (Oakland)

No that is one dish I haven't had there- I get either the fried chicken, or the jerk shrimp, I'll have to try it, thanks!

Po' Boy @ The Chef and Her Farmer (Oakland)

It was easy to eat, and the price is high enough that I wouldn't eat it often, but they have exquisite oysters beautifully fried, so I get the high price. Shame they hid the oysters under everything else

Po' Boy @ The Chef and Her Farmer (Oakland)

I just had it last week, and I did love all the individual components, but felt the taste of the delicious, perfectly cooked oysters were lost with the slaw, sauce, pickles, etc. If I get it in the future, I'll scrape the slaw onto the side, and eat it separately from the oysters. I do agree calling it a po' boy is a stretch. I also got the fries to share with my companions, and they were delicious!

AS B-Dama [Oakland]

I've had the udon twice for lunch and loved it. Broth has great depth of flavor. Clam udon had a very generous portion of clams in the shell, which I appreciated. Going back next week, and will try the lunch set this time.

Roti canai / roti prata SFBA Dish of the Month January 2015


Roti canai / roti prata SFBA Dish of the Month January 2015

But, where can you buy the frozen ones?

Brown Sugar Kitchen uses quick grits, wholesale vendors [Oakland]

Never eaten her shrimp and grits, and I am sad she uses Albers, BUT- no way in hell shrimp and grits is $7-$10 in the south. I am from, and revisit at least once a year a part of the south where shrimping is still going strong, so fresh shrimp prices are as low as anywhere in the country for fresh, local shrimp- and it is in the high teens or higher anywhere that serves the dish. In fact, I would be much more concerned about where she gets her shrimp, hopefully not farmed ! than where her gqrits come from.

Ina Garten/Barefoot Contessa Drinking Game

I think she is very much alive...maybe you are confusing her with Marcela Hazan? Very funny, anyway:-)

Dec 27, 2014
karenfinan in Food Media & News

Pho Ga : SFBA Dish of the Month November 2014

Don't know, never had Mama's chicken noodle, but loved the name, I am fairly new to the Bay area.

Pho Ga : SFBA Dish of the Month November 2014

Have been suffering from a cold, and Pho ga is just what the Dr. ordered. I got some from Mintleaf in Alameda. $9.00 for a huge portion, with rice noodles, white meat chicken, and a very flavorful broth. Came with crunchy garlic, basil and mung bean sprouts. Enough for two very generous portions. I'll be back.

Pho Ga : SFBA Dish of the Month November 2014

Had pho ga from Kim Huang in Oakland Chinatown- 10th and Harrison. Lovely little restaurant. We had take out, but I will go back and eat in. Broth was light, not as deep a chicken flavor as I might like, but still very tasty and clean. White meat chicken, rice noodles, lots of lime, cilantro, jalapeƱos, bean sprouts. Hit the spot.

Banner ad won't go away

Thanks, it worked!

Nov 04, 2014
karenfinan in Site Talk

Banner ad won't go away

I have a banner ad, a turkey, with the tag...everything you need to impress your- that is as far as it goes, it spreads across the second listed topic, no matter what page I am on, and it won't go away, even if I try to click on it. This is on an iPad. Tech folks??

Nov 03, 2014
karenfinan in Site Talk

Affordable, vegan friendly restaurants in SF or East Bay area?

Burma superstar is very vegan friendly-

Downtown Oakland Lunch Spots [split from Stag's Lunchette thread]

FYI, they no longer do Bento Boxes, but are working on opening a restaurant, not sure where/when

Shishitos at Skool

Yes, they can get very hot, if not picked early enough!

June 2014 San Francisco Bay Area Restaurant Reviews by ALEDM

I work near there and have been to Ms Ollie's and Cosecha multiple times, love them both. My favorite at Ms Ollie's is of course the fried chicken, but everything I have tried there is excellent. My fave at Cosecha is the the pozole- best I've ever had.

Weight Watchers Foodies -- The August 2014 Challenge Edition! [Old]

weighed in my third week- lost the second week 1.4 lbs, stayed exactly the same this weigh in- no loss, no gain. have been religiously tracking my points....and seeing I need to exercise! I can't seem to stay within 26 points! so I have been increasing my exercise. Lots of lifestyle changes! Hopefully tracking and increasing my exercise will have a positive effect on the scale!

Aug 05, 2014
karenfinan in Home Cooking

ethnic markets in EB (esp Afghan/Indian)

Santos in San Leandro has all things Indian- including fresh produce.

Weight Watcher's Foodies -- The H H H Edition! July 2014 [OLD]

Long time lurker on this thread- I have just rejoined weight watchers after regaining 16 of the 40 lbs I lost :-(. Was down 1.4 lbs my second meeting, so off to a good start. I am trying to be very honest and faithful in my tracking of my food. This thread is great for inspiration! I am working hard to get back to eating lots more veggies, not letting myself get hungry so that I eat too much of the wrong stuff, and cooking good healthy food. I live in the bay area which is good and bad- best produce and most variety, but also so many great places to eat out! I just purchased a scale to help me be accurate with portions and I was actually surprised that I was pretty good at guesstimating.
So I will try and participate regularly here and look forward to lots of inspiration and good recipes!