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Bars in Manila that may show Stanley Cup Finals?

unfortunately i have not been able to locate a place - haha - not unexpected -

am able to facetime back home and they pointed it at the tv...was better than nothing

thanks for the effort digga

Bars in Manila that may show Stanley Cup Finals?

Im a new yorker in Manila til the 10th of June - is there any chance there will be bars that will show Stanley Cup Finals ?

Start times would be 8am local time

Top Chef Seattle - Ep. #17 - Finale Part 2 - 02/27/13 (Spoilers)

I know i havent posted all year - even though ive read all your threads (thanks linda for another great season of recaps).....but i hate this format for the finale - thats it :)

Feb 27, 2013
Alex318 in Food Media & News

1st Visit to Toronto

awesome - thanks Nevy - ill start researching your suggestions especially the gelato :)

1st Visit to Toronto

Thanks for the thread bytepusher - justayn is correct ill be coming in for Liverpool, scheduled to be played at Rogers

1st Visit to Toronto

Hello Toronto Chowhounders - Making my 1st visit to Toronto and an looking for the best that the City has to to offer. All cuisines and all price ranges so if you like it post it.

We will be arriving late Friday evening and my wife has already demanded a visit to Lee, so that took care of Saturday. This would be for Lunch and Dinner Sunday. Also, anything worth visiting around the Rogers Center for lunch as our trip will include the Lfc/Tornotofc fixture on Saturday as well.

Thanks Everyone.

Top Chef Texas - Ep. #15 - 02/15/12 (Spoilers)

this is just pure comedy :)))

edit: the skiiing

Feb 15, 2012
Alex318 in Food Media & News

Top Chef Texas - Ep. #11 - 01/18/12 (Spoilers)

her perfectly cooked halibut makes me think that she was sabotaging Lindsay in restaurant wars. Or the rest of the contestants are dead on when they say she only cares about herself, which is fine its a cooking competition after all, but no shock should come when no one wants to cook with her in team competitions

Jan 19, 2012
Alex318 in Food Media & News


Thanks for the responses - ill do research on all the suggestions you three posted - though based on resonses above, Tasty's sounds like a must dine.

EllenLV when you say must get reservations - do you suggest a couple of weeks before I go, or have concierge set it up when i arrive.

Thanks again everyone - really looking forward to my visit


Hey Hounders - Heading to Anguilla in March (viceroy) and am looking for must dine options at any and all price ranges.

Have heard nice things about Blanchards, Tastys, and Hibernia - as well as Luna Rosa, but looking at the menu online- just seems like a regular Italian restaurant that i could eat anywhere.

Any opinions would great - thanks :)

Top Chef Texas - Ep. #10 - 01/11/12 (Spoilers)

Lets face it - this season started with 28/32 dont remember and no one sticks out. The best chef in the competition is Nyesha - how many times does she have to prove it before she gets back on the show.

Beverly is probably the second best chef as she seems to put out great food, but man, she could care less about anyone else in team settings. If she makes it to final 4 she has a great shot to win. Will be interesting to see if she can 'command' her sous chefs and oh how great would it be if Sara and the other larger one (cant remember name and thats a horrible description so apologize) are her sous.

Chris from Chicago - ive never seen some last this long by doing so little. He reminds of the sour puss girl that made it the finals.

Paul is probably 3rd.

You could replace the rest and probably wouldnt notice if they were new.

Jan 12, 2012
Alex318 in Food Media & News

Top Chef Texas - Ep. #1 - 11/02/11 (Spoilers)

With 11 chefs in already and 10 left to cook this is totally setting up a 1 spot bubble cook off. If I saw the previews correctly The Korean Chef from Kentucky looks to be trying to cook while someone is working on his hand. Maybe 6 chefs for one spot?

Nov 03, 2011
Alex318 in Food Media & News

The Best Thing you Ever Ate at Lunch at....................................................?

I havent gotten it in a bit - but the warm bread and croque monsieur at mon ami gabi always stands out as one of the better lunches ive had in Vegas

Aug 03, 2011
Alex318 in Las Vegas

NFNS 7/3/11 - spoilers

Thats the dilemma though isnt it regarding Penny - The prize in winning is to get your own show, but if you win by being a villain - do you risk alienating an audience before your first episode? She is on the wrong show - she should be a villain on Hells Kitchen or something, cause as much as I love ME food and want to try hers - ill probably never give her show a fair shot if she wins cause i cant stand her.

Jul 05, 2011
Alex318 in Food Media & News

Ina Garten, the "Barefoot Contessa" is going to get sexy and violent?

Way to go Jeffery!!!

Nov 04, 2010
Alex318 in Food Media & News

Avec Eric Season 2

Fyi -

Did not realize it has started, but season 2 of Avec Eric is underway. The episodes are downloaded on Itunes for free, but have found that the show airs on Saturdays at noon in the NYC area on channel 21.

Episode 2 shows him spending all of his time in Grand Cayman.

Oct 12, 2010
Alex318 in Food Media & News

Michael Mina

I second the lobster pot pie - Ive eaten it at both Nobhill and MM @Bellagio

American Fish @ Aria strictly seafood and really enjoyed the mustard glaze cod. IMO - cant go wrong with either of the those.

American Fish
3730 N Las Vegas Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89115

Aug 18, 2010
Alex318 in Las Vegas

Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #9 - 08/11/10 (Spoilers)

Im surprised that reading through the comments that there are a good number of people that think Kenny didnt deserve to go? He made two bad dishes, one was described as horrible (the worst dish of the night?) and the other, Bruni made a comment about hamburger helper. Secondly, as executive chef he needs to be checking dishes before going out. Kelly commented that the steaks were coming out overcooked, Kenny needs to be on top that telling her to take them off earlier. Just because his kitchen was flowing smoothly doesn't mean he was leading. Also, I was surprised that Kenny did salad and dessert and not one of the mains. I agree with other posters who have said that his attitude has caused people to believe he was better than he actually is. Kenny has two Highs (1 win) and 4 times at the bottom, That perormance is not much different than Amanda (1 High 3 Bottoms).

On a side note about Amanda. How is it possible to repeatedly over cook the steak? Since she created a test dish for servers she shouldve known from then how the steak was cooking. To put out badly cook steaks repeatedly, just shows lack of skill or an inability to adjust on the fly

Aug 12, 2010
Alex318 in Food Media & News

Eataly NYC

thanks rrems

Jul 28, 2010
Alex318 in Manhattan

Eataly NYC

So whats the status? has it opened yet?

Jul 27, 2010
Alex318 in Manhattan

Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #6 - 07/21/10 (Spoilers)

I watched the QF again and didnt really see anything wrong - she was no more critical to Andrea than she was to Angelo's dish. Something tells me Andrea sees Michelle as her rival but its not the other way around.

Also what does 'its good for miami' mean? do you think she wouldnt be successful in another part of the country? im not picking just looking for some clarity.

Jul 27, 2010
Alex318 in Food Media & News

Top Chef - D.C. - Ep. #2 - 06/23/10 (Spoilers)

She said something interesting when speaking to (dont know her name) a member of her team, (paraphrasing here) "if we put gnocchi on a plate for them were going to get slammed." I assumed she was talking about the judges - I wonder if she was thinking along the lines of make a good dish for the judges and who cares if little kids dont like it.

While I agree the goal is to impress the judges, she took it too far by basically ignoring the challenge. Having either her or the 2lbs sugar dessert chef thrown off were both justified. I guess her dish was abut healthier.

Jun 24, 2010
Alex318 in Food Media & News

Cooking Show Nostalga: Great Chefs

I use to love Great Chefs - My wife and I always loved the way the narrator would say Butter.

Jun 15, 2010
Alex318 in Food Media & News

Restaurants in Fairfield County

Thanks for bringing Nicholas Roberts to my attention - I went twice last week for lunch and it was great both times - The duck club sandwich was really good, and i enjoyed the couscous with apricots and almonds.

Best of all the portions were perfect for lunch - didnt leave there ready for nap.

Apr 21, 2010
Alex318 in Southern New England

Is Momo Ko losing its appeal?

edit - the open slot was filled as I was hitting submit.

Let me add this as well, The place is selling out every night, but it doesnt seem to be an impossible seat to get anymore.

Apr 13, 2010
Alex318 in Manhattan

Is Momo Ko losing its appeal?

I check the momo ko website almost everyday for reservation just for curiosity, (ive never eaten there) and the last couple of weeks I have noticed multiple open slots well past 10 am. Today for example, a 9:50pm Monday ressie is still available at 10:34am. On Sunday (at 4pmish) I saw 5 open slots for 2.

Ive been reading some non favorable reviews recently on here and some serious problems with staff and service. Did this restaurant just have a shtick that people were drawn to, is Chang spreading himself too thin, or has the quality dropped off that much?

Apr 13, 2010
Alex318 in Manhattan

NYC to SF - Must trys?

Thanks Robert

NYC to SF - Must trys?

Hello - What is the travel distance to TFL from San Fran, The Mandarin to be specific as it will be my 1st visit to the bay area and am completely ignorant.


Dining in Barbados

Just got back from the trip last week, here are the highlights.

The island is pretty expensive - for example - gazpacho soup with diced apples $20 US.

Our favorite meal - L'Acajou at the Sandy Lane Hotel - surprisingly not the most expensive meal of the week. A very generous portion of Caribbean lobster with mushrooms in a cream sauce. Everything a lobster dish should be - the cream sauce was delicate enough to not over power the sweetness of the lobster. My wife had the pumpkin risotto, very creamy cooked perfectly. Chocolate Souffle to end the evening was phenomenal. Service was excellent as well.

Scarlett in Holetown was also a very good meal. This place has a bit of NYC Soho vibe with red walls and Andy Warhol prints of Marilyn and Jackie O through out the restaurant. Here we split some small bite appys - crab bruschetta, chicken satay, smoked salmon...all were real good especially the crab bruschetta. Mains included prawns with jasmine rice in a coconut curry - and asian chicken salad with rice noodles - both were real good. Service was laid back island style - no one was in a rush. Best value of the week - cheapest of all the places we went to for dinner.

Best Lunch was at Lone Star on the beach - great location with tables having great views of the water surf - An excellent tuna tartare with green curry oil - very generous appy portion big beautiful chunks of diced tuna. My wife and I split the Prawn Vindaloo - lots of flavor not too spicy - Barbados did curry dishes very well.

Most Disappointing was the Cliff Restaurant- Ive read that this is the best place on the island, and that it needs to be on everyones must dine list when visiting. Absolutely stunning location - million dollar views - service was high quality, very attentive but not in a hovering way - The food was ok - I ordered the Linguine with mussels and shrimp - again a very generous portion pasta cooked very well, but it was so salty - I needed to drink water every two bites. The dish couldve been great - I ordered the roast duck breast in a wild mushroom sauce with potato pancake and again it was so salty. My wife had the crab cake, which she says was the best dish of the night, and a spicy lobster salad which for her was just too spicy - To be fair - we cant really criticize a dish for being to spicy when spicy is the 1st word, but the spiciness was provided by only red pepper flakes, pretty boring if you ask me. Desserts were nothing special. At close to 400 US for the meal we were expecting a little bit more than what we got.

Flying Fish is the island specialty, and I tried it as much as I could - its tasty fish - most of the times its prepared with cajun or jerk spices and i enjoyed everyone's different variation - favorite was a couple of fillets on salt bread.

The island has wonderful tomatoes - i got one every morning grilled with breakfast and they are so sweet you forget you're eating a tomato.

Valentine's Day - no reservation yet, where to go?

reading back, it sounds bad - I made the reservation because it was the regular menu and not a special menu - I later canceled for other reasons.

Jan 28, 2010
Alex318 in Manhattan