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Good Seafood in Mystic, CT ?

The S & P Oyster Company is top shelf. Great food, great views, perfect atmosphere. This would be a hot spot in any locale.

Oyster Company
202 Depot St, Dennis Port, MA 02639

Ameila's American Bistro


Ameila's American Bistro

I simply followed my instincts. This was surreal. I didn't feel the need to spend $$$ after what was an unbelievable set of cicumstances. Read my original post. My wife and I value our time out and this was a disaster before the bread that never came.

Ameila's American Bistro

Never made it to the food. It was that pathetic. First time I've ever the need to cut and run.

Ameila's American Bistro

What a dissapointment. Saturday dinner. No wine list. No specials. No relation to the on-line menu. No chance we were going to drop $$$ on this sinking ship. Clearly they are going to close soon. What a shame. I had heard great things about this handsome place. The web site also was very appealing. We left and had a great meal up the road at Metro Bis.