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Eating at the Atlantis Paradise Island

I have some great advice for dining. I do believe that the meal plan is the best option, because the prices can really add up. It is better to add on the gratuity than add on real expensive food plus the gratuity!

The best option is to select a meal plan. For $75 a day per person, you can enjoy an endless buffet breakfast and dinner and bring snacks to hold you over in between.

You could pay for the more expensive meal plan (almost $50 more) but why bother when you can only eat so much food? There are a lot of restaurants to choose from, and probably enough that you will not have to repeat a meal unless you want to.

Decide what you will do for Lunch: Either bring snacks/fill up on breakfast/eat breakfast near lunch time OR spend around $10 per person for lunch. Make sure to get the refillable soda cups

Yes, you can make reservations and you will want to do so a week before traveling. Atlantis offers US phone numbers so you do not have to worry about long distance charges. Make reservations for ALL DINNERS prior to arriving, and if you choose to cancel a reservation because you fell in love with one of your meals and would like to repeat it, cancel according to the resort policy (usually 24 hours notice) or leave your last night open and book the meal when you are on the resort.

Watch out for the snack refrigerator in your room, there is no key and if you happen to remove an item you will get charged for it, because they have a sensor on it, even if you just take it out and put it right back, you wll get charged for it. Bring a cooler and drinks, crystal light, water bottles. Bring snacks.

I have much more info here: