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bars in Columbia/Jessup?

I definitely would add Frisco Grill in Columbia to the list. They have an excellent variety of beers on tap (~50). I think they swap out several regularly too and have specials. The old location had a really nice feel to it. I can't attest to the new one (they moved to a new building in 2011). I wasn't huge on the food but is was okay.

Restaurants in Central Maryland

I've lived in Maryland for several years now but I still don't feel like I have a good group of go to restaurants in Central Maryland (the general area between 495/695 and 29/97). What are some good suggestions?

Some restaurants I have enjoyed:

-Less expensive: Honeybee Diner
-Expensive: Eggspectation

-Coal Fire
-Mama Lucia's

-Maiwand Kabob
-Mi Pueblo
-The Great American Steakhouse
-The Melting Pot