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Kamp Dog, New London

When I come back to this place, I keep finding more things that I like about it. I am am hopelessly hooked on the Kamp Dog, which is a foot-long Hummel (makes a difference) with a spicy chili meat sauce, cheese sauce (really just for color), and chopped onions. Last time in, I tried the chili fritos, $1.50, a small bag of Fritos with a dollop of the chili meat sauce and shredded cheese. Perfect while you're waiting.

I called in an order for breakfast the other morning and had what Ken calls the Jersey pork roll . It's a 3/4" thick slab of pork (huge!) fried up to a nice scald on a hard roll with eggs and cheese. Very good, but I think my favorite is the chorizo breakfast sandwich, which uses a chorizo sausage in place of the pork roll.

I think the place is pretty much nirvana for grilled foods, and I keep coming back for more.

Jan 25, 2013
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Nordic Lodge

I remember going into the men's room there about 30 years ago and the walls of the stalls were covered with shag carpet. Amazing. I counted seven buses coming into the place last weekend, so they are obviously doing well.

Sep 21, 2012
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Lobster Boil

Go to Galilee for the seafood. You can buy lobsters off the boats near the Great Island bridge. The rest - clams, mussels, shrimp and whatever can be bought at one of the seafood stores there. Handrigans' comes to mind. I checked pictures of a boil done by a friend at his son's graduation - they added king crab and crawfish. I'm a shrimp snob - only gulf shrimp are good enough, but you pay a premium.

This isn't comprehensive - just some highlights. I think the coolest way to do a boil is in a huge pot - 10+ gallons and a fish fryer. For larger quantities, you want serious heat. You might check renting a setup.

Stagger adding the ingredients - start with whole small red potatoes, a couple different kinds of sausages, and half onions and spices. Add some white wine, diced red onions, chopped parsley and garlic to make a nice coating. As the potatoes start soften, add corn (may be past prime at that point). Add the lobsters. Let the boil come back up for a couple of minutes, and add the rest of the shellfish. Shellfish only need to boil for a few minutes.

This is an outside thing. No need to go into the house. Serve on some portable tables covered with plastic sheets. Dump or shovel the contents onto 1-2 tables, and people can just stand along the sides and pick what they want either onto plates to sit down at another table, or right there.

Do it outside. Cleanup entails rolling the plastic into the trash and scooping up the leftovers for another day. Hose the place down and you're all set.

Apr 08, 2012
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

SoCo RI Clambake

Does anybody have any experience with the Company Picnic Company or Yawgoo bakes?

We're looking at an early summer 2013 date.

Mar 31, 2012
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Several days in Groton/Mystic/New London -

Well, you have to eat breakfast - I recommend Kitchen Little in Mystic, right on the water heading into town from 95.

Mar 25, 2012
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

SoCo RI Clambake

I'm looking for names and numbers of outfits that can do a clambake in south county RI. Someone who can handle 100+ people for a wedding reception.



Mar 25, 2012
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Kamp Dog - "the worst vegan restaurant in New London County"

Here's a shout-out for Kamp Dog, which does the best job at making hot dogs of any place I've ever entered. Their signature offering is the Kamp Dog, is a foot-long Hummel hot dog (natural casing) covered with their dynamite sauce, cheese, and onions. One of these does me for lunch, however the last time I came through with a couple of friends, we also tried the deep-fried oreos, which are dipped in pancake batter and fried. The fries are hand-cut , and don't come out of a freezer bag.Amazing.

The owner, Ken, does a lot of cooking from scratch. One notable is his breakfast corned beef hash. Actual cooked corned beef in big chunks. He also does a 'porker' which has sausage and bacon. A co-worker bought me the breakfast burrito once. I think that four pounds of food sums it up - I was done for the day.

Awesome place. This recent article was in the NL Day.....

Feb 04, 2012
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Westerly RI dinner; South County breakfast

Matunuck Oyster bar for dinner. I second the vote on 84 High Street - I prefer to hang out in the bar in back where the selection of beers, and the bar special drinks are always interesting

This is a bit of a run from Westerly, but Kitchen Little in Mystic.

Kitchen Little
135 Greenmanville Ave, Mystic, CT 06355

Nov 01, 2011
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Good food (especially seafood) near Charlestown, Rhode Island?

I like buying of the boats. Turn right when you get to the end of the Escape Road coming into Galilee. They will be to your left before you get to the Great Island bridge.

May 31, 2011
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Soupy (italian sausage) in Westerly, RI

I second the motion on Westerly Packing

Jan 30, 2011
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Soupy (italian sausage) in Westerly, RI

In the Westerly area, talk to Steve, who runs the meat dept at McQuade's in Mystic.

Jan 26, 2011
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

rehearsal dinner site near Mystic, CT

Skippers Dock is on a pier over the water in Stonington. Not as crazy as Mystic. Casual, but not too casual atmosphere. You might be able to arrange for a corner (or a room if the weather isn't optimal. If you plan for the right time of day, which would be starting in the late afternoon and ending after sunset , the setting could not be better. You can watch the sun go down over Fishers Island Sound.

I took a group there after my son's graduation, and it was memorable.

Dec 16, 2010
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Name Cheap But Good Eateries...

Kamp Dog, New London
Taqueria Lupita in the Olneyville section of Providence

Oct 19, 2010
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Charlestown, RI

Black hole is about right. A place called 'flip flops' tried opening late in the summer, around labor day - it's probably gone for good by now. It's surprising that with all the CT tourists flooding this area during the summer that one can get their act together to get a decent restaurant going.

I second the thumbs up on the Matunuck Oyster Bar.

Oct 11, 2010
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

BYOB Spots in RI

Pinellis Cafe off Rt 2 just north of exit 8 off 95. Had dinner there last week with my wife. We shared a chopped salad, that came with a wonderful oil and vinegar dressing made from a champagne vinegar and rice wine vinegar. I ordered a pasta dish that included swordfish, scallops and shrimp in a sauce. My wife had the shrimp in a gorgonzola sauce on linguine.

Nothing was ordinary, everything was delicious, and I found myself wondering why we don't go there more often.

Oct 11, 2010
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

what's good by burlingame state park in RI? also, fave breakfast in (or on the way to) newport?!

Slice of heaven in Jamestown across from the Narragansett Cafe - Best place for breakfast between CTown and Newport.

This is probably too late, though.

Listened to John Prine close down Saturday's concerts the boat tonight. Sunday should be great!

Jul 31, 2010
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

ISO the best Mexican food in RI

I finally found the Taqueria Lupita in Central Falls. I think Lupitas in Olneyville is better.

Jun 19, 2010
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Current BYOB restaurants in/near Providence, RI

I'll second Cafe Gianna in Coventry - pretty decent Italian

Cafe Gianna
915 Tiogue Ave, Coventry, RI 02816

Apr 18, 2010
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England


McQuade's in Mystic makes its own Andouille. Talk to Steve, the meat manager. He'll sell you on it. They make a bunch of other sausage in the store and smoke some of them.

Mar 09, 2010
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Meat Grinder Recommendations...

My experience has been that the motor powered grinders - mid-range from Cabelas - are OK. My experience has been that they seem a bit small for the job.

I know someone who has used the horn-style stuffer, didn't like it much, so he just got a heavy-duty stuffer from Cabelas (11 lb capacity, metal gears), which is worlds better. If you are going to buy the meat from a butcher, have the butcher grind it for you - should be no charge. If you are grinding game, that won't work, though. If the meat is pre-ground, all you have to do is mix in the spices in and stuff it.

We made 60 pounds of pork sausage for soupy two weeks ago. We got the pork in 10# bags from the butcher, mixed the spices in 10# batches, ran the batches through the stuffer, it was like 'buttah'. The sausage is now hanging in my garage and will be ready in early April.

We've used natural casings. Last time we used pork, but decided the soupy was too small, so this time we used cow. You have to clean and soak them beforehand, which is a bit of work.

Feb 13, 2010
Trnrbrnr in Cookware

Best Dishes in NE List

The 'Kamp Dog' hot dog at Kamp Dog in New London, CT - beats Spike's hot dogs like a rented mule.
Fried Oyster appetizer at 84 High Street, Westerly RI

Feb 13, 2010
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Visiting Providence and Cranston in February 2010

The only place i can think of that would come close to steamed clams would be the Matunuck Oyster Bar in South Kingstown. They trend more toward oysters, which they grow themselves. Fresh food, nice location. Check out their web site.

Feb 09, 2010
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Shopping for a dutch oven...

My two cents:

Le cruset, overpriced. People buy it for the name. Lodge is great, but iron is very heavy. Real heavy if you are thinking about a 12" pot. I purchased a 12" aluminum dutch oven by GSI outdoors a few years ago (hardware store) that is great. I use it when camping, and it's great. It's also great for the kitchen, but its only disadvantage for indoors is that it has legs.

Cast aluminum is worth considering, though due to its much lighter weight. I can't say that its thermal properties are a disadvantage.

Nov 16, 2009
Trnrbrnr in Cookware

Great Pizza near Mystic

I would second Two Wives in downtown New London. Apizzo in Westerly at the railroad bridge is good. I like to sit in front and watch everybody go by.

A Federal Goosing

They're not bad eating. Dark meat, almost like beef.

I have about five golf courses within five minutes of my house and would love to be able to stalk them with a bow.

Road Food in CT.

There have been some threads on the hispanic food trucks on the waterfront in New Haven.

I believe it's exit 47, then go under 95 to get to the water. I've gone there about 3 times on trips.

Why doesnt Aunt Carries (Point Judith, RI) get more love?

Their chowder reminds me of dishwater. I end the meal wondering why I did that to myself.

Sep 08, 2009
Trnrbrnr in Southern New England

Bangor to Eastport, ME - early breakfast

I'll be driving from Bangor to Eastport this week. Probably leaving the airport hotel at 5:30 AM, and traveling on Route 1. Where's the best place to catch a good breakfast on that route?

Thanks, Chris

Matunuck Oyster Bar

Went Thursday (It's the new Friday). Loved it. The place got packed. Wonderful atmosphere. Four oyster eaters went through 3 dozen oysters. Very good food. Some of the reviewers here comments that the menu looked too varied, but the menu they gave us was on one page - no problem there. Oyster po' boy got a good review, so did the fish and chips. My clam linguine was good. The stuffies were not as good as home-made, but at least had good sized chunks of clam in them - they appeared to be made on location. The menu advertises locally-grown produce, which gets a nod from me.

The oysters- better than average. Very good flavor. The waitress explained that they were a bit small because they've been spawning.

I think that this place sets the standard for seafood in South County.

Matunuck Oyster Bar

My neighbor tried to go Thursday night and couldn't get in. Sounds interesting, though, have to wait until the crowds thin out after next week.